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Your Next Steps to #GetHired

Congratulations on receiving your program admission offer to Arizona Teachers of Tomorrow! You’re now on the path to becoming a teacher and making a real difference in the lives of your future students. If you are ready to #GetHired as a teacher, we’ll walk you through your next steps!

Step 1. Accept Admission Offer

You have almost finalized the admission process! Once you have received your Arizona Teachers of Tomorrow program admission offer via email, you need to formally accept it to officially begin your teaching journey. To do this, simply locate the email in your inbox and follow the link provided.

The Arizona Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) is no longer required before enrolling in the program! Learn more.

Step 2. Submit Enrollment Fee

To finalize your admission process, the last step is to submit your one-time, low enrollment fee of $245. This is the only Arizona Teachers Program fee you’ll ever submit until you’re working as a full-time teacher, earning full salary and benefits on your Alternative Teaching Certificate.* If you never teach, you never pay! 

*Please keep in mind that some fees outside of Arizona Teachers will be required. 

We place our trust in the program, which is why after you enroll, you pay nothing. Only after you are working as a teacher earning full pay and benefits will you assume responsibility for the program fee – until then, leave it to us.

Step 3. Begin Training

Submitting your enrollment fee grants you access to everything you need to become eligible to teach. Once enrolled, you will gain immediate access to over 365 hours of online coursework, hosted on Canvas. Your online coursework, also known as your Classroom Readiness Training, is created by leading educators and is continually updated to ensure you receive the best possible teacher training. All training is 100% self-paced, so you never have to worry about deadlines. This is your program, so discover what works best for you.

Study Tips

Step 4. Obtain CPR/First Aid Certification

In order to become eligible to teach, it is also required by the Arizona Department of Education that you obtain a CPR and First Aid Certificate. The training to earn this certificate may be completed in one day, so it’s best to complete it sooner, rather than later. You may begin this training at any time and it must be completed in-person. Please review the list of approved certification providers.

Please note: Effective April 21, 2020, candidates may be issued their Initial Teacher Certification without completing a First Aid/CPR course, granted all other program requirements are met. This temporary allowance by the Arizona Department of Education is in place due to in-person facility closures. Learn more

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Become Eligible to Teach

Arizona Teachers is committed to setting you up for success in the classroom. You may complete these items in any order, although we recommend working on them simultaneously. The following requirements must be completed to become eligible to teach and apply for your Alternative Teaching Certificate:

  • Complete Classroom Readiness Training. 
  • Obtain CPR/First Aid Certificate, if possible.
  • Pass the Arizona Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) in the endorsement area(s) you wish to teach if you have not done so already. The MTTC is required by the Arizona Department of Education and is administered by the testing company, Pearson. To help you prepare, we have compiled a list of study resources.
MTTC Study Resources


After you complete all requirements to become eligible to teach, you are now ready to start looking for teaching positions and #GetHired. Review the following checklist to ensure you are eligible to teach:

  • Complete Classroom Readiness Training.
  • Pass MTTC.
  • Obtain CPR/First Aid, if possible

We recommend beginning your job search, as soon as you have completed these tasks. We’ve compiled a list of job search resources to help. Once you have been hired, you must submit the “I Got a Job” form, located in your Intern Portal so that we may verify your employment. Once verified, we will email you to apply for an Alternative Teaching Certificate through the Arizona Department of Education.

Job Resources

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