Kathryn Marie Haynes is Teacher of the Year 2020congrats

Teachers of Tomorrow is honored to take part in helping prepare dedicated educators. In 2005, we began the tradition of recognizing outstanding teachers by awarding the title of Teacher of the Year and are proud to continue this practice 15 years later.

In April, Teachers of Tomorrow invited District Principals and Field Supervisors (veteran teacher mentors) – the people who know our teacher candidates best – to nominate a first-year teacher. During Teacher Appreciation Week, we announced the selected six finalists. All finalists truly demonstrate a commitment to their students and are the definition of excellence in teaching itself. We are proud they are part of our Teachers of Tomorrow family.

After nearly 17,000 votes were cast, we tallied the numbers and were thrilled to surprise Kathryn Marie Haynes of Cypress Park High School with the well-earned title of Teacher of the Year 2020.

Meet Kathryn Meet Kathryn

We were fortunate enough to chat with Miss Haynes and gain some insight as to why she was selected as this year’s Teacher of the Year by her peers, colleagues, and community. In a brief interview, here’s what we learned from a short Q&A:

1. Can you please briefly introduce yourself?

“My name is Kathryn Marie Haynes and I am an engineering teacher at Cypress Park High School.”

2. How did Teachers of Tomorrow help you achieve your goal of becoming a teacher?

“Teachers of Tomorrow offered a comprehensive program that equipped me with the knowledge and understanding to enter the classroom with confidence. The program enabled me to work at my own pace while effectively preparing for the exams. In addition, their job placement assistance through the relationships with hiring officials is phenomenal.”

3. What advice can you offer to those considering or currently in the Teachers of Tomorrow program?

“I chose Teachers of Tomorrow because, unlike other programs, with Teachers of Tomorrow you do not pay for the program unless and until you start working and getting paid. They stake their reputation on the belief their product will enable people to be successful and it’s true. I started the program on January 30 and by May I had accepted a position for the following school year.”

4. What life lessons do you hope to leave with your students?

“Ultimately, I want my students to be aware that they have the power to shape their own lives and change the world. I want them to know they have the agency to make their own choices and – even to change their mind. I want them to know they can have whatever life they create for themselves.”

From these powerful words, Miss Haynes’ dedication to her students and profession as an educator shines through!

Event Highlights

We realized that this year’s celebration would likely look different than the past, but Teachers of Tomorrow was committed to affording Miss Haynes the recognition she deserved! In partnership with Christopher Hecker, Cypress Park High School Principal, a honk party was arranged to celebrate Miss Haynes’ success. Here’s a recap of this momentous day:

Thank YOU for helping to make this year’s 2020 Teacher of the Year contest and event a great success! We are touched that like-minded community members, who value our educators, wanted to show their support.

Gallery Furniture, a community-loved store in Miss Haynes’ neighboring hometown, partnered with us and awarded her a $500 gift certificate in addition to the grand prize of $5,000 she took home from Teachers of Tomorrow.

A local sign company, Sign Gypsies, donated their services for the event:

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Finally, KHOU Channel 11 attending the event! Later, Miss Haynes and Teachers of Tomorrow Chief Director, Dava Saba, participated in a follow-up interview with the news team. Find it here:

KHOU Video Cover 01

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