#GetHired & Get Paid

2021 Teachers of Tomorrow New Certificate/License/Permit Promotion

A Gift from Us to You

Teachers of Tomorrow recognizes the tremendous effort you’ve made which is why we are excited to reward you when you #GetHired and placed on your first Certificate/License/Permit as a full-time teacher!

Gift Card Submission Form

Deadline: December 31, 2021

After you #GetHired and placed on your certificate/license/permit, submit the form below.


GHGP 2021

Please note: currently hired and certified/licensed Teachers of Tomorrow candidates are not eligible. This offer is only available to currently enrolled candidates who have not already been recommended for a certificate/license/permit. To be eligible for the $200 Gift Card Reward, you must get hired and placed on a certificate/license/permit by December 31, 2021, and you must have not received another promotion, discount, or rebate from Teachers of Tomorrow. Please review the official rules and full eligibility in the terms and conditional below.


Terms and Conditions Apply.

Do I Qualify?

Review the “What’s Next Checklist” in your Intern Portal to determine if you are eligible for the $200 Gift Card. Everything under the “Right Now! Before Employment” section should be checked off.

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