We get this question a lot and have an extensive list of reasons to become a teacher from experts around the country at our Teachers of Tomorrow blog. And there are great resources all around the web on why to be a teachers.

But we love what Michigan Teacher of the Year Laura Lang has said about her teaching practice. She has “3 Rocks” she has written on the back of her phone to always remind her of what she is doing.  She was selected from all the teachers in the state as the best for the 2018-2019 school year.  She teachers second grade.

  1. She is focused on creating create kind, collaborative, contributing members of the community
  2. She inspires kids to be lifelong learners by making lessons fun, exciting, hands-on, and relevant, she said. “It’s so important that students understand the ‘why’ and the big picture of what we’re learning and how it will help them later in their life.”
  3. Empowering students to stand up for one another is her third big rock

This is truly what it means to teach.  The passion and patience to create amazing kids.  If that is for you -it is time to teach.

See her interview and get inspired to teach!

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