Talent Release Form

By signing the document below, you will be granting Teachers of Tomorrow and all of its business lines, full permission to have images, video, and the sound of your voice recorded on audio or video and used at Teachers of Tomorrow’s discretion.


By signing this document, you will also be waiving all rights to review or approve any portion of the recording and/or video in advance. You will be agreeing to allow Teachers of Tomorrow to edit, copy, publish and distribute the video and/or audio recordings, including and not limited to the internet. 

Follow these steps when completing the Talent Release Form:

1. Download the Release Form.

2. Complete all required fields on the document.

3. Export and save the document as a PDF.

4. Please name the document as follows: “firstname-lastname_00-00-2020_campaignname.pdf” (i.e. john-doe_02-04-2020_spedwebinar.pdf)

5. Once completed, please email the PDF to the appropriate corresponding party.


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