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The Quickest Route to Become a Teacher in Florida

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submit your CG10 application to the state and send us your SOE

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Become Eligible

at your own pace by completing your testing and training

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for one academic semester with full pay and benefits

certification process

Fully certified

upon successful completion of all program requirements

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certified teacher Florida

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Begin by applying for free today. Our Program Advisors work with you to develop a personalized strategy to become a certified teacher.

All you need is a 4 year bachelor’s degree in any major with a 2.5 GPA. It’s that simple.

GPA requirements

  • 2.5 GPA posted on official transcript

After submitting your application you may send us your official transcripts right away for the quickest service. You can send them in the mail, or some campuses use the eScrip-Safe service.

  • U.S. Citizen or lawful permanent resident
  • Completed application to Florida Teachers
  • Passing Score on the Florida Teachers Screening Instrument
  • “Eligible” Statement of Status of Eligibility from the FL DOE
certification process

Become Eligible

Complete your testing and training at your own pace. Our study resources help you get ready for testing, and our innovative online training gets you ready for the classroom.


The Florida Teacher Certification Exams are required testing for all prospective teachers. Testing requirements vary by subject area and can be found by clicking ‘Learn More’ below.

With more than 20 subject areas to choose from, we help you identify the certification area(s) that best match your skills and interests.

Our Program Advisors will play an important role in helping you select the certification area(s) that complement your skills and interests, and give you the best chance to get hired.

We offer test preparation modules for the General Knowledge Test within our online training. We also provide information on where to find free state preparation manuals, tests at-a-glance, test familiarization videos, and interactive practice tests.

We are actively building a free online forum in which teachers share their study tips and test feedback.


Once you complete your self-paced online training, you will have gained the expertise and knowledge necessary to begin teaching in the classroom.

Educational leaders provide the foundation of our curriculum, which is continually updated to provide the most relevant and effective classroom preparation.

86 hours of classroom readiness training is offered in our self-paced, online format, so that you can train to be a teacher while keeping your current job.

Our candidates complete field based experience prior to entering the classroom on their own, providing a real-world foundation for their training.

During the Internship Year, our teacher candidates complete case studies and field work in classroom management, among other areas of concentration such as literacy and assessment.

certification process

Start Teaching

During this first year, you will lead your own classroom as a full time teacher. Your Field Supervisor and on-campus mentor will provide support and answer questions.

Begin your career as a teacher with full pay and full benefits!

We provide effective and valuable resources to offer you the best chances for employment.

  • Put together a stunning resume and portfolio
  • Prepare for the tough interview questions
  • Make the best impression with school districts
  • Get face-to-face time with HR professionals and principals

Your Field Supervisor is a veteran educator who is assigned to you personally when you begin teaching in the classroom as a teacher of record. They will visit and observe your classroom three times throughout the year. Your Field Supervisor works closely with you via phone and email to offer continuous guidance and support.

certification process

Fully Certified

Upon successful completion of the program requirements and one academic year of teaching, you will receive your Professional Certificate and become fully certified to teach in the state of Florida!

Get on the Right Path to Earning Your Teaching Certificate in Florida

Let us help you become a certified teacher!

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