Well, almost. Here’s the deal: the Florida House and Senate agreed to $500 million for Florida Teacher pay raises, pending approval from Governor DeSantis. So, what exactly does this mean for Florida teachers?

According to the article, “$400 million is expected to go to lifting starting teacher pay to as close to $47,500 as school districts can manage”. Of course, every district will do their best to allocate funds to the appropriate place, but its likely that not every school district will reach the goal of $47,500. Still, every increment helps, no matter how small.

Another uplifting note is that the remaining “$100 million is to go to veteran teachers.” Nice work, Florida. $100 is a hefty chunk of change. Let’s take a second and calculate how this might play out:

Currently, there are 180,000 teachers in Florida. If divided amongst educators equally, it comes out to around $555 per teacher, per year. After 20% is paid in taxes, let’s average that 20 paychecks need to be cut. For veteran teachers, this translates to only $22 per paycheck. There’s still room for improvement, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

With the potential influx of $500 million headed straight to Florida teachers, there’s never been a better time earn your Florida teaching certification. Get started today!

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