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IMPORTANT: This promo expires August 31, 2021!


If you hold a valid Temporary Certificate to teach in the state of Florida, you’ve hit the jackpot! For a limited time, we are offering you a once-in-a-lifetime deal. Until August 31, you can save $200 when you enroll with Florida Teachers! If you’re ready to upgrade your career and trade in your Temporary Certificate for a Professional Certificate, you can get started for the incredible price of $245 $95.

To be admitted into the Florida Teachers program, the requirements are simple: you must have a 4-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a 2.5+ GPA. For a step-by-step program overview, read this How-to blog post, which breaks down the entire program into 5 clear steps.

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Why Enroll with Florida Teachers

From enrollment to employment, Florida Teachers is by your side. We are proud to offer you a unique array of benefits. When you enroll, here’s what you’ll receive from us – and nowhere else:

  • Save $200. Until August 31st, Temporary Permit Holders may enroll for an unheard-of $95!
  • It’s risk-free. Once you have been admitted into the program and have submitted your one-time, low enrollment fee, you’ll never pay another Florida Teachers program fee until you’re hired as a full-time teacher, earning full pay and full benefits. We have complete confidence in our program, which is why we gladly invest in your success. After you enroll, leave the rest to us! The best part? If at any point, you decide not to continue with the program, you’ll never have to pay a cent!
  • Claim (or reclaim) your job! If you have been working on a Temporary Certificate, there’s, unfortunately, little job security in your current position. As you juggle certificate extensions and filling in the gaps, your job may not be still available when you’re ready to come back to it. You’ve worked hard to become a teacher and deserve your dream job! Earning a Professional Certificate is a near-guaranteed way to ensure job security and we can help!
  • Zero deadlines.  We understand that life has the ability to throw a curveball or two! Our program is designed for you to succeed, which is why our online training is 100% self-paced! You’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline. This is your program, so find what works for you.
  • Quality resources. Once you submit your enrollment fee, you’ll gain immediate access to over 80 hours of online teacher training, developed by leading educators! Our training is consistently updated to provide you with nothing short of the best.

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Why Earn a Professional Certificate

Earning a Professional Certificate can solidify your career as a teacher. You’re already teaching on a Temporary Certificate, but here’s why it’s important to take the next step and work towards a Professional Certificate:

  • Land (and keep) your dream job! Principals and hiring managers often give preferential treatment to educators who hold a Professional Certificate, because it shows dedication and commitment to the field. If you have your eye on a more popular school or teaching position, earning your Professional Certificate could give you the extra boost needed to make you stand out from the crowd!
  • Receive full benefits. You are a teacher and deserve to earn full benefits! Earn your Professional Certificate and this will be the case.
  • Earn a full-time teacher salary. As a teacher with a Professional Certificate, you have more leverage when negotiating salaries. Also, once you are a teacher for consecutive years in the same position, you may be eligible for incremental yearly raises.
  • Contribute to your Teacher Retirement Pension. Teachers in Florida are automatically enrolled in the  Florida Retirement System Investment Plan. As you contribute a small percentage of your salary towards your fund, your employer will match it. The more years you teach, the higher the Florida state contribution will be! It’s better to start contributing toward your fund sooner, rather than later because you must contribute a minimum of 8 years. The investment you’ve accrued may be collected at age 65, Florida’s retirement age.
  • Ditch Temporary Certificate extension fees for good! For just $95, you can enroll with Florida Teachers, work toward earning your Professional Certificate, and never have to pay another Temporary Certification extension fee again!

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Ready to Get Started?

The process to enroll and save $200 is simple! 

  1. Apply. Submit your FREE online application. It should take less than 60 seconds!
  2. Transcripts. Send us your official university transcripts. The fastest and most reliable way is to have your university send them electronically, but we also accept them sent via standard mail!
  3. Questionnaire. While we work on processing your transcripts, we’ll email you a short questionnaire that will assess your strengths as a teacher!
  4. Admission. After you speak with an experienced Advisor and are accepted into the program, we will email you your Program Admission offer. You’ll need to formally accept and submit your $95 enrollment fee – that’s it!

Make your move before time runs out.

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Hurry and claim your offer today!

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DISCLAIMER: The $95 Florida Teachers Enrollment Offer expires on August 31, 2021. Only applicants who are already teaching on, or possess a valid Florida Temporary Certificate are eligible to claim the $95 Enrollment Offer. The remaining $200 will be deferred and will automatically transfer to your final program fee. Your offer will be applied after you speak with a Program Advisor and are deemed eligible.

Terms and Conditions apply.