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Clear Up Your Math Confusion & Pass Your GK Test

Are you tired of the stress associated with having to pass your math subtest on the General Knowledge Test? Wouldn’t it be nice to learn the strategies, tips, and tricks to prep smart and pass this test on your next attempt?

Join us on Monday, December 9th from 6pm – 7:30pm EST as The Learning Liaisons gives you an inside look on how to beat this test and PASS your math subtest on the GKT.

Our Math Director, Anderson Duran, will be leading the way as he goes through some sample questions and models for you the strategies needed to pass and eliminate the stress associated with this exam.




What You’ll Learn

Many people have a fear of math. This comes from several factors. One is that you, unfortunately, had a series of bad math teachers growing up. Another, based on the fact that math is a different language.

This webinar will help you clear up the confusion and learn how to better understand the skills needed to PASS this subtest. We’ve got your back and this webinar is the BEST first step in prepping smart for your General Knowledge Test. You will leave this webinar knowing exactly what you need to do to pass this subtest.

– Watch a GK Math expert solve problems LIVE
–  Learn which topics you need to know 
– Adapt an easy-to-use strategy to get through any math problem
– Solve practice questions to improve your skills and confidence