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Practitioner License

The fourth and final step of the Indiana Teachers program is to earn one’s Practitioner’s License. By this point, you will have demonstrated pedagogical knowledge, passed required state exams, built a solid teaching foundation through online studies, and have led a classroom for an entire year. Earning your state licensure empowers you to continue making a positive impact in the lives of your students!

Did You Know

Indiana Teachers is the ONLY program to move you from a T2T Permit directly to your Practitioner License


Documentation & Guidance to Receive Your Teacher Licensure

After completing your Internship Year, you must teach for an additional year (120 teaching days per year) on your T2T Permit. Once complete, you may proceed to the fourth and final program step and apply for your Practitioner License. Indiana Teachers will provide you with:

  • a letter of completion
  • a transcript of your completed coursework

With these documents, you will have obtained everything required to earn your license. Once your license is obtained, the Indiana Teachers Program is complete!


After you earn your licensure, you will continue to have access to our teaching resources and be invited to join our Alumni program, where we offer exclusive opportunities, discounts, and partnerships.

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