COVID-19 Timeline Updates

We’re dedicated to keeping you informed with the latest updates related to COVID-19. We strive to provide you with clear information and will continue to release new information in a timely manner. We are working with state officials, district and campus administration, our field supervisors, and individuals within the organization to determine the best path forward. To continue working toward licensure, please review the following guidelines and suggestions:

Review the timeline below to recap all communications:


You’re not alone. Find some answers to the most commonly asked questions here:

For Applicants

I need to pass a CORE licensure test for admission. What can I do?

Unfortunately, if you’re required to take a CORE licensure test for admission, you will need to take and pass the exam before you’re eligible to enroll in our program. Depending on your GPA and college major, you may be eligible for admission without taking a test. Please review admission options here.

My emergency permit expires 6/30/2020. What are my options? 

I. If you are qualified for admission to Indiana Teachers of Tomorrow, you may be eligible for a Transition to Teaching permit next academic year. This will allow you to move onto a 5-year Practitioner’s License as early as August 2021.

II. If you are not yet qualified for admission to Indiana Teachers of Tomorrow, renewal requirements for your emergency permit have been waived for the 2020-21 school year. You will, however, need to complete your CPR training on or before 9/1/2020.

For Enrolled Candidates

Is it still required to complete CPR training to qualify for a 2020-21 Transition to Teaching Permit?

No. You will not need to complete CPR training to qualify for a Transition to Teaching permit for the 2020-21 school year. This being said, you are required to complete the CPR training by 9/30/2020, so we encourage you to pursue blended CPR training options. This will allow you to complete the online component now, and the in-person component, when available. You will still need to complete your Youth Suicide Prevention training, which is available online.

For Candidates on a Transition to Teaching Permit

What is required of me to successfully complete the Teachers of Tomorrow Transition to Teaching program?

There are 7 requirements:
I. Teach for two, 120-instructional day academic years
II. Complete required Classroom Readiness and Excellence in Teaching and Learning training coursework
III. Submit 30 hours of field experiences through your Intern Portal
IV. Complete 3 field supervisor observations
V. Complete CORE licensure test(s) for licensure area(s)
VI. Complete developmental area assessment for the licensure area
VII. Receive a positive principal recommendation

Following the completion of these requirements, you will be sent instructions to apply for your Practitioner’s License through the Licensing Verification and Information System (LVIS). You will also be sent a Completer Satisfaction Survey, which will need to be completed before you are recommended for your Practitioner’s License.

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