Indiana schools are now in full teacher hiring season for the 19-20 school year.  Just a few reminders:

1) Because we have great candidates like you, District HR Directors are notifying us of job fairs and we are posting these our website.  We encourage you to bookmark the following page and continuously be on the look out for fairs near you.  Fairs provide a great opportunity to build connections and learn more about opportunities available.  Many times, hiring officials will even interview and offer on spot.

2) Create a profile on . Employers can not only search for you on there, but you also can set up notifications of vacancies in your area specific to the content area that you want to teach. All school districts are using this site to find the teaching talent they need.

3) Schools still have vacancies right now! So, if you are ready to take on a teaching position today, you do not have to wait until the start of the 19-20 school year.  Be on the lookout for current vacancies via the page listed in #2.

4) Take advantage of our job resources page that includes typical interview questions:

5) If you are enrolled in the Indiana Teachers of Tomorrow program, take advantage of our free resume review! Send a copy of your resume to have our team look at it and provide feedback.

6) Please let us know how we can help get you your teaching position!  If you need to go over your next steps for licensure, please reach out to your program advisor via or 866-434-8406 (8:30-5:30PM ET for calls to the office).

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