Math Teachers in Indiana

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Math Teachers are in High Demand

If your love of addition, subtraction, and multiplication has grown since your days in school, then you may be well suited for a career as a mathematics teacher. According to an Indiana State University survey of 106 school districts, 82 reported a shortage of math teachers in the 2016-2017 school year. Indiana Teachers specializes in helping college graduates become math teachers.

Students across the state are waiting for someone like you to answer the call and become a mathematics teacher. Are you ready to get started?

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The Role of the Mathematics Teacher

Life-long problem solving and critical thinking begin in the mathematics classroom. Your curiosity and passion for exploration will greatly influence your students and positively impact their lives. At the elementary level (grades K-6), one teacher will teach all subject areas, including math. At the secondary level (grades 5-12), students receive instruction from teachers that specialize in an individual field, such as mathematics.

Responsibilities of a Math teacher

  1. Delivering mathematics instruction through engaging methods
  2. Teaching approved curriculum with clear objectives for learning
  3. Fostering a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and is appropriate to the maturity and interest of the students
  4. Assessing the accomplishment of students by tracking scores and creating progress reports
  5. Building effective relationships with parents and students through regular communication
  6. Teaching students to work collaboratively to solve problems and to think both logically and creatively

Qualities of an effective Math teacher

  1. A sound knowledge of mathematics
  2. An engaging personality
  3. A good motivator
  4. A continuous learner
  5. A caring attitude towards students

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Steps to Becoming a Mathematics Teacher

To begin your career as a math teacher, all you need is a bachelor’s degree in any major to get started. After receiving your application, we will need your official transcripts to admit you into the program.

Step 1: Training
After being admitted to our program, you will have access to innovative, engaging online training and teacher observations to get you ready for the classroom. The Indiana Teachers of Tomorrow program provides extensive training in pedagogy, allowing mathematics teachers to gain all of the skills and knowledge necessary to become an effective teacher before ever stepping foot in the classroom. Throughout the training you will observe the classrooms of veteran math teachers and complete projects to expand upon that field experience.

Step 2: Testing
Mathematics teachers who wish to teach at the secondary level will need to pass the CORE Content Area Assessment in Mathematics. Teachers at the elementary level will pass the Elementary Education Generalist. All prospective teachers must also pass the Developmental (Pedagogy) Area Assessment during their Internship Year of teaching. Indiana Teachers helps you prepare for these exams with cutting-edge test preparation materials, all available on our Study Resources page.

Step 3: Teaching
You will teach for two full years on your Transition to Teaching permit, with full pay and full benefits. You will be assigned a Field Supervisor through Indiana Teachers to observe you in the classroom and provide support throughout your first year of teaching. Through the assignment of a Field Supervisor in collaboration with a Building Level Administrator, you will be supported throughout your first year.

Upon successful completion of your internship year and program requirements, you will become a fully licensed mathematics teacher.

Make a difference in the lives of students in your community by becoming a licensed Math teacher today.

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Additional Resources

The following organizations are devoted to the advancement of mathematics teachers in Indiana:

  1. Hoosier Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (HAMTE)
  2. Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  3. Indiana Section of the Mathematical Association of America

There’s never been a better time to become a mathematics teacher in Indiana. Your skills are in high demand, and students need your help. Indiana Teachers can help you get there.

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