Science Teachers in Indiana

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Science Teachers are in High Demand

An effective science teacher not only answers a student’s questions, but encourages them to seek the solutions by themselves. From chemistry to biology to physics, there are many different subjects that fall under the science umbrella. Yet, there is still a shortage of science teachers in Indiana. That’s where you can help. Become a science teacher through Indiana Teachers and guide your students through the fascinating world of science.

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Career Changers

Professionals in scientific areas who decide to change their career to teaching are typically extremely effective teachers. The life experience, expertise in a subject, and developed world view that career-changers possess gives them a unique perspective on teaching. Even if you did not work professionally in a scientific field, if you are passionate about the subject matter and you enjoy working with children, you’ve already established the foundation you need to become an effective teacher.

The Role of the Science Teacher

Effective science teaching strategies include hands-on experiments, field trips, and other non-conventional approaches that encourage students to explore the real-world applications of the field. Students excel when they are compelled to seek out answers themselves.

Your science teaching career may also involve coordinating school competitions and coaching students on these events.

Responsibilities of a Science teacher

  1. Delivering science instruction through project-based learning methods
  2. Teaching approved curriculum with clear objectives for learning
  3. Creating a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and is appropriate to the maturity and interest of the students
  4. Assessing the accomplishment of students by tracking scores and creating progress reports
  5. Building effective relationships with parents and students through regular communication
  6. Teaching students to work collaboratively to solve problems and to think both logically and creatively

Qualities of a good Science teacher

  1. Interested in and knowledgeable about their subject matter
  2. Passionate about teaching and connecting with students
  3. Analytical thinker who is patient and resourceful
  4. Dedicated to continuous learning and staying current in the field
  5. Socially intelligent and culturally proficient
  6. Able to work collaboratively and flexibly with colleagues

Are you ready to learn more about becoming a science teacher in Indiana? Apply for free and one of our expert program advisors will contact you to help you develop a personalized path to licensure!

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Steps to Becoming a Science Teacher

The Indiana Teachers program is approved by the state of Indiana to certify teachers in the following science areas. All you need is a bachelor’s degree in any major to get started. After receiving your application, we will need your official transcripts to admit you into the program.

Step 1: Training
After being admitted to our program, you will have access to innovative, engaging online training and teacher observations to get you ready for the classroom.

Step 2: Testing

If you are planning to teach at the elementary level you will need to pass the supplemental Elementary Education Generalist test.

All secondary science teachers must pass one of the following CORE Content Area Assessments depending on the desired area of specialty currently offered by Indiana Teachers:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Earth/Space Science
  3. Life Science
  4. Physical Science
  5. Physics

All prospective teachers must also pass the Developmental (Pedagogy) Area Assessment test which is administered during the first year of teaching. Indiana Teachers will be with you every step of the way with cutting-edge test preparation materials, all available on our Study Resources page.

Step 3: Teaching
You will teach for two full years on your Transition to Teaching permit, with full pay and full benefits. You will be assigned a Field Supervisor through Indiana Teachers to observe you in the classroom and provide support throughout your first year of teaching. Through the assignment of a Field Supervisor in collaboration with a Building Level Administrator, you will be supported throughout your first year.

Once you’ve completed two years of teaching and all program requirements, you will become a fully licensed science teacher in the state of Indiana.

Whether you’re interested in teaching at the elementary or secondary level, educators in the field of science are in high demand in Indiana. Now is the perfect time to take that first step and invest in your career and in the science education of children in Indiana. Let Indiana Teachers of Tomorrow help you become a licensed teacher.

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