Requirements for Indiana Teachers

You’re on your way to accomplishing your dreams of becoming a teacher in Indiana! There are a few requirements needed before you can become fully licensed. The Indiana Department of Education requires the completion of two certifications: the CPR-Heimlich Maneuver-AED certification and a Youth Suicide Prevention certification. We’re here to help you access the resources you need to succeed.


CPR-Heimlich Maneuver-AED Certification

According to the Indiana Department of Education, applicants who are applying for an initial teaching license must complete training in CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, and AED use. Certification for this training must be valid for both initial licenses and permit renewals. While the training can be delivered primarily online, you must complete a hands-on, in-person portion that includes a demonstration with a mannequin. It is also required that your training includes a portion in pediatric care. This training is important in ensuring that your students are safe in your classroom. Here is a list of providers approved by the Indiana Department of Education.


Youth Suicide Prevention

Another certification that is required to teach in the state of Indiana is Youth Suicide Prevention. In order to receive an initial teaching license for any grade level, you must complete a youth suicide prevention course. This training is completed online and is required that the training be at least one hour long. Completing this training will help you care for and be more attentive to your students and their needs.  The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide offers free training accepted by the Indiana Department of Education.


Become Eligible to Teach Today!

Once you’ve completed and received both of these forms, please email them in PDF format to Completion of these certifications means you’re one step closer to becoming licensed to teach in Indiana. Make sure you sign up for these certification programs as soon as possible so you can begin training and become eligible! Still wondering what else you need to do to become eligible to teach in Indiana? We’ve got you covered! Click here to learn more about eligibility and check out our resources page to see everything we offer to future teachers!