Get Fully Licensed to Teach

With The Wilson Center and Indiana Teachers

Every Child Deserves a Great Teacher

As a teacher, you are helping students realize their dreams. You are giving them the tools they need to succeed. At Indiana Teachers of Tomorrow we are giving you the tools to become a successful educator. You have the passion, we’ll help with the rest.

The Wilson Center is focused on making sure that every student has a great teacher, and that every teacher has the opportunity to become fully licensed. They have partnered with Indiana Teachers to offer the most affordable, efficient and effective teacher certification route available at $100 off the regular price. The Indiana Teachers program offers unmatched support throughout your entire first year of teaching and is 100% online so that you can complete your training on your own time.

How It Works

  1. Apply online for free.
  2. An expert Program Advisor will call you and answer all of your questions, as well as discuss your Personalized Education Plan.
  3. Send in an official transcript(s) from your college or university.
  4. Complete the online training modules and Field Based Experience projects.
  5. Teach for two academic semesters with full pay and benefits as the teacher of record on a Transition to Teaching Permit.
  6. Once you’ve completed the program requirements and two years of teaching, you will receive your full Indiana Practitioner License!

Next Steps to Certification

Get started today and continue changing lives.

With this special offer from the Wilson Center, you can get started today for free by applying via the form below. Once you have been admitted into the Indiana Teachers program all you pay is $295 to gain access to all of the benefits of your new certification program. Your expert Program Advisor will answer all of your questions and help you map out your Personalized Education Plan and answer all of your program related questions.

We're Proud to Help You Earn the Certification You've Always Wanted

The Wilson Center is happy to offer you $100 off of the most affordable teacher certification program in Indiana.

Fill out the form below to begin!

Wilson Center Short Application

Legal and criminal background records check: The State of Indiana, as well as school districts, will conduct a background check before you are certified and allowed to teach. Any negative legal history, as they interpret and define it, may/will jeopardize your ability to teach and/or be employed. Refer to the Indiana Department of Education for further information regarding the Criminal Background Check.
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