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Have questions about becoming a licensed teacher in Nevada?
We’ve got answers! If you don’t see your answer here, please call us at 844.58.TEACH, or send an email to

All you have to pay to get started is $49.50 for immediate access to your online training and all the resources you need to get started! The remaining balance of $4,200 is due in equal installments once you are hired, and is completely contingent upon you getting a full time teaching position!

You can get started now! We have rolling admissions throughout the year, all you need is your official transcript.

If you start or complete our training and decide teaching is not for you, the remaining balance of the program fee is not due, it is completely contingent upon getting hired.

There are options for admission into the program if your GPA is below a 2.5. Please apply to the program to learn more about these options.

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You are eligible to begin looking for a teaching position as soon as you have passed the Praxis Core 5752 (or meet an exemption) and completed your Classroom Readiness training for elementary or special education. For secondary certification areas, you must also pass the Praxis II Subject Area test.

You will receive your Letter of Eligibility (LOE) and instructions to apply for your Conditional License, as soon as you have passed the Praxis Core 5752 (or meet an exemption) and completed your Classroom Readiness training for elementary or special education. For secondary certification areas, you must also pass the Praxis II Subject Area test. 

You may send your transcripts one of two ways. The quickest and most reliable way is to have your university send them electronically to Alternatively, you may send them via standard mail. Please address them to:

Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow
2401 Fountain View Dr.  Suite 700
Houston, TX 77057

The length of the program is up to you! Our online training is self-paced and made to fit your schedule, so you can keep your current job while preparing to become a teacher. Once you have completed Phase I of your online training and met the Praxis Core Skills requirement, you can then starting looking for your new teaching position. You will complete two years of teaching with full pay and full benefits, and then receive your Standard License upon completion of the program.

The license you receive through our program comes directly from the Nevada Department of Education and is the same Standard License you would receive via any other route to initial licensure in the state. Certification and licensure requirements vary from state to state, so contact each state’s department of education that you are looking to move to verify the reciprocation process.

A Conditional License is valid for 3 years and is nonrenewable. A Standard License is valid for 5 years and is renewable.

Applicants to Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) programs such as ours do not need classroom experience. Our training is designed for all types of candidates, including those who have never stepped foot inside a classroom. The Classroom Readiness portion (Phase I) of our online training provides a comprehensive base of teaching knowledge to prepare you for your first teaching job.

Yes, you will be required to complete a fingerprinting background check through the Nevada Department of Education to receive a Conditional License.

The tests and associated fees vary based on your individual experience and can be found on our Pricing page.

Our advisors will help you determine which exams you need to take if you call 844.58.TEACH or email us at We also have a wide variety resources on our study resources page to help aide you.

Feel free to give us a call during regular business hours at 844.58.TEACH or email us at

When you are hired as a full time teacher of record in our program you will receive full pay and full benefits.

We have a library full of resources services to help you prepare for your interview, craft a great teaching resume, and get hired as a full time teacher. Check out our Job Search Resources.

With the flexibility of the Nevada Teachers program, you can work at any accredited school across the state! You choose the accredited public or charter school that works for you.

Yes, having a completed Bachelor’s Degree is a requirement for admission into our program. The first item you will send to us to become admitted into the program is your official transcript with date conferred.

Yes! We offer full program scholarships to individuals who are not yet enrolled in the program. Our scholarship period opens on October 1st. Visit our Scholarship Homepage to view available scholarships and learn how to qualify.

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