So you want to teach in Nevada but are concerned about Clark County teacher pay? Fear not – they have really done all they can to make sure that teachers can earn a decent living in Clark County schools.

We have already shown you what you need to do to teach in Clark County – but we haven’t shown you what you can make. The salaries on the Clark County Professional Salary Table (PST) show a range of $40,900 – $90,877.  That is the base salary.

And your salary can go pretty far in Nevada with no state income tax, a lower than average sales tax and a cost of living that is lower than the national average.

Benefits – adding a lot more.  Mainly because the Clark County School District (CCSD) contributes 28% of your salary t your retirement.  That means your total compensations goes up to $60,015 – $125,068 according to the teachvegas website! And there are other incentives on the page.

So – if you want a solid career, please check out CCSD and the Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow program to get you there!


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