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The path to becoming a teacher has never been so clear-cut. Here at Teachers of Tomorrow, we understand the weight of the decision to become a teacher, which is why we’ve streamlined the path to lighten the load. We’re dedicated to helping you get there. Join us on the journey of your licensure and see for yourself just how simple and easy to navigate it really is.

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The first step sets your intention. You’re ready to become a teacher, and we’re here to help make it happen. Applying to the program is fast, easy and free. Before you go any further, take a moment and apply.

Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow is committed to helping you move forward, and not retrace completed steps. Forget going back to university. All you need to continue is your bachelor’s degree and a 2.5 GPA. When we receive your application and official transcripts, one of our dedicated and experienced Program Advisors will reach out to you. Together, you’ll work to lay out the next steps, devising a personalized path to earn your Nevada licensure. Have you considered what you’ll be teaching yet? You’ll also want to consult with your Program Advisor who can help you narrow down your interests and choose the subject area which speaks to your natural skills and abilities.

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After you’ve spoken with your Program Advisor and understand the path ahead, it’s time to prepare yourself for the classroom. This preparation takes two formats: testing and training.

First, let’s talk about testing. You’ll be studying to pass the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators exam (Praxis Core). This exam covers general knowledge and skills – check out this list of study resources to help you prepare. In some cases, you may be exempt from taking the Praxis Core; make sure to follow up with a Program Advisor to discern what’s required of you. If you’re pursuing Secondary Education, you’ll also need to pass the Praxis II Subject Area exam.

Next, we saved the best for last! Let’s explore what the training entails. As soon as you’re enrolled in the program, you have immediate access to your Classroom Readiness coursework. This is the online training component of your program and is chock-full of all the good stuff. Here, you’ll learn what it really means to be a teacher. You explore various topics which will help build a solid foundation to set you up for success in the classroom.

Over 365 hours of educator training are available to you! That’s pretty impressive. If you’re eager to see what topics you’ll be covering, here’s a sneak peak of your online coursework. We’ve broken your teacher training coursework down into two phases (Phase I and Phase II). Phase I consists of your Classroom Readiness training coursework. Once you’ve finished Phase I, it’s time to get in the classroom.

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You’ve been working hard to prepare for this moment, and the time has come! Now that you’ve completed Phase I, you will receive you Letter of Eligibility (LOE). This is what you’ll need to apply for your Conditional License to teach. Now, you may be the one in front of the classroom, but rest assured, we’re still here supporting and cheering you on.

During your first year, you’ll earn full pay and benefits while also receiving guidance from your Nevada Teachers Field Supervisor. Consider this person a trusted and experienced mentor. They’ll be there to help you work through any problems and offer advice. While teaching, you’ll also complete the Phase II: Excellence in Teaching and Learning training coursework. This will provide you with more tricks to add to your teacher tool bag and prepare you for your second academic year.

Here are the exam requirements you’ll need to complete during phase II:

After your first year, take a moment to congratulate yourself! You’ve accomplished so much, and the end is in sight. Now it’s time to take on your second year – you’ve got this!

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After your second year of teaching, you’ve arrived. You can now request your Letter of Completion and Final Transcript.

You are now a fully licensed Nevada State teacher. Your licensure journey may have ended, but your teaching journey has just begun. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things you do.

Don’t put your dreams on hold.

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