Having worked in helping states solve the teacher shortage since 2005, we hear a lot of people ask if they should be come a teacher in Nevada.  We have an extensive list of reasons to become a teacher from experts around the country at our Teachers of Tomorrow blog.

But we love what the Nevada Teacher of the Year Richard Knoeppel, a Clark County School district teacher since 1995, has to say about his teaching practice.

“His belief that every child can succeed has helped to build a nationally recognized program of study in Architectural Design,” Superintendent Jesus Jara said in a statement. “His students consistently earn awards in local, regional and national architecture competitions for their design work.”

Former student Jamie Centeno said he’s also the guy who helps his students with their scholarship applications and listens whenever they need life advice. Now a freshman studying architecture at UNLV, Centeno still keeps in touch with Knoeppel and attended his surprise event Monday.

From students –

“Mr. Knoeppel understands his students, and keeps the atmosphere very relaxed, ultimately making his students more proficient. It’s always refreshing to meet people that are naturally chilled out. He is the best teacher that I’ve had in my entire school career!”

“Mr. Knoeppel is a great teacher who helps not only with CADD, but also with any other student needs such as recommendations if the student works hard there is no limit to his kindness. He is devoted!”

This is truly what it means to teach.  The passion and patience to create amazing kids.  If that is for you -it is time to teach.



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