Many people think that the only time CCSD, the 17 other Districts and Charter Schools in Nevada are hiring is over the summer. Not true…while the vast majority of positions are filled during the summer, every school in this State has openings during the school year that they are looking to fill. And Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) candidates are typically the only pipeline during the school year since most current out of State teachers have annual contracts and always want to finish out the commitment.

For example, the Clark County School District currently has 516 open licensed positions and most of them are in the high need areas of Elementary, Special education, Math, Science and English.

Washoe County School District has 110 open certified positions in all areas but Special Education is the highest need.

Our Program participants have an advantage during the school year since ARL candidates are pretty much the only pipeline during the year. In the summer there is far more competition but there are also a much higher number of openings.

So, the answer to the question is…it’s ALWAYS the right time to complete our Program and get hired as a teacher in Nevada.