Announcing Our Newest Exciting Admission Update

Arizona Teachers has been working hard to continually seek new ways to make our program more accessible to all prospective educators. We are eager to reveal our newest admissions update, which will undoubtedly provide you with more options and incentives to enroll!

The Big Reveal

We’ve lowered the GPA requirement for admission! We now only require a 2.0 overall GPA!

Why Enroll with Arizona Teachers

From enrollment to employment, Arizona Teachers is by your side. We are proud to offer you a unique array of benefits. When you enroll, here’s what you’ll receive from us – and nowhere else:

  • It’s risk-free. Once you have been admitted into the program and have submitted your one-time, low enrollment fee, you’ll never pay another Arizona Teachers program fee until you’re hired as a full-time teacher, earning full pay and full benefits. We have complete confidence in our program, which is why we gladly invest in your success. After you enroll, leave the rest to us! The best part? If at any point, you decide not to continue with the program, you’ll never have to pay a cent!
  • Get job security. Teaching is one of the most secure jobs. Thousands of teaching positions are always available, due to the national teacher shortage and continual demand for more teachers. If you’re ready to pursue a stable career, it’s time to earn your teaching certification with Arizona Teachers. Becoming a teacher is a near-guaranteed way to ensure job security and we can help!
  • Zero deadlines.  We understand that life has the ability to throw a curveball or two! Our program is designed for you to succeed, which is why our online training is 100% self-paced! You’ll never have to worry about missing a deadline. This is your program, so find what works for you.
  • Quality resources. Once you submit your enrollment fee, you’ll gain immediate access to over 100 hours of online teacher training, developed by leading educators! Our training is consistently updated to provide you with nothing short of the best.


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