Senate Bill 727, which eliminates the Basic Skills Test for Michigan Teachers, passed the Michigan Senate by a vote of 51 Yays to 24 Nays and 13 not voting.

Now it is on to the Michigan House Education Committee which should hold a hearing on February 15th.  If it passes out of committee, it will go through first, second and third read in the House, followed by Governor signature into law.

The bill eliminates the requirement for new teachers to take the new SAT. Since these teachers have a degree from a regionally accredited institution, they have clearly demonstrated basic skills. Putting this unnecessary road block in front of teachers at at time when Michigan needs more great teachers is making the problem worse.

Supporters of the bill should reach out to members of the House Education committee and their Michigan house member to show support.

Pretty exciting – we know that many of our Michigan Teachers of Tomorrow candidates are waiting to register for the March SAT. Based on the positive feedback of clearing the Senate, you may want to consider waiting for the late registration on February 28 – it will cost you $29 more but since you may not have to take the SAT at all – it may be worth it.