Senate Bill 727 has unanimously passed the Michigan Senate Education Committee to eliminate the Michigan Basic Skills testing requirement! This is a great start for our Michigan teacher candidates and we will keep pushing to help more people become teachers.

As a reminder on how a bill becomes law -there are still a lot of steps to go in this process.  There are 3 readings in the Senate now – essentially 3 votes on the Senate floor.  If it passes the Senate floor vote it would move the House where it would be assigned to the House Education Committee. If they pass it without changes it would go for 3 readings in the House.  If it passes those votes it goes to the Governor for signature.

If the House changes the bill, it would have to go back to the Senate and they could pass the changed bill.  If not, they would form a conference committee of the Senate and the House to come up with a compromise bill.

Timing – if we get a big enough vote, it could be implemented upon the Governor’s signature which is what we are pushing for so the thousands of potential teachers who have applied to be in our program can get started on becoming a teacher in Michigan!!

Stay tuned……..