Quick update for Michigan Teachers – Senate Bill 727 had a hearing in the Michigan House yesterday and did very well. There was some push-back on the 3.0 cohort GPA but all in all it seemed to go well. They are going to get some more information and then vote it out of committee next week- we hope.

There is still some time to help us push the bill – so please contact your Michigan House Representative about the bill and urge them to vote YES!

The discussion on GPA was interesting since it was the Michigan Colleges of Education that pushed back even though they have a cohort GPA.  Cohort GPA means that you just have to have an average GPA of 3.0 for all the people going through your program.  This allows you some flexibility – if someone is a physics major with a 2.75 and wants to teach physics, you can let him into your program as long as you have others who will raise the GPA for the entire program. This works incredibly well and makes sure we don’t lose a physics teacher based on an arbitrary standard.

Getting close to the finish line on SB 727 – a few more steps!!!