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Exceptional Student Education Teachers in Florida

Become a Certified Teacher in this High Need Area

Exceptional Student Education Teachers are in Demand

In Florida, children with physical and mental disabilities who are offered a specialized form of instruction are known as exceptional students. The personalized help they are given at school is called Exceptional Students Education or ESE. The purpose of ESE is to help these children advance through school and prepare them for life after their formal education.

The field of ESE requires a well-trained and experienced teacher for this highly specialized area, but in Florida there continues to be a shortage of teachers for exceptional student education. That’s where you can help. Whether you’re looking to change careers or are have an interest in exceptional student education, now’s the time to seize the opportunity. At Florida Teachers of Tomorrow we offer a world-class online program to help you become an ESE teacher. If you have the passion to teach, consider a new career in exceptional student education.

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The Responsibilities of an Exceptional Student Education Teacher

The responsibilities of an exceptional student education teacher vary depending on the age and unique needs of their students. In general they usually include the following:

  1. Assessing students skills to determine their needs
  2. Adapting lessons to meet the needs of students
  3. Planning, organizing, and assigning activities that are specific to each students abilities
  4. Developing individualized education programs for students
  5. Adjusting these education plans throughout the school year
  6. Discussing student’s progress with parents, counselors, principals, and administrators on a regular basis.

Qualities of an Exceptional Student Education Teacher

Truly effective exceptional student education teachers go above and beyond the state curriculum. They ensure students are advancing and learning. That’s why successful ESE teachers have many of the following qualities:

  • A high level of patience
  • The ability to remain organized in times of high activity
  • A capacity for being creative in tailoring a lesson plan to a student’s specific needs
  • A strong sense of intuition and a calming nature
  • An ability to be accepting of a student’s limitations and weaknesses

Steps to Becoming an Exceptional Student Education Teacher

The Florida Teachers of Tomorrow program is approved by the state of Florida to certify exceptional student education teachers. All you need is a four-year bachelor’s degree, with a GPA of 2.5 or higher to get started. Once we’ve received your completed application, we will require a copy of your official transcripts, and an approved Statement of Eligibility from the FDOE (Florida Department of Education) to be admitted to our program. Contact us if you have questions about your Statement of Eligibility.

Step 1: Training

After being admitted to our program, you will complete innovative, engaging online training, and teacher observations to get you ready for the classroom. The Florida Teachers of Tomorrow program provides extensive training in pedagogy, allowing you to gain all of the skills and knowledge necessary to become an effective exceptional student education teacher before ever stepping foot in the classroom. Throughout the training you will observe the classrooms of veteran ESE teachers and complete projects to expand upon that field experience.

Step 2: Testing

Potential teachers seeking their certification in Florida must pass the FTCE (Florida Teacher Certification Exams).  To become an ESE teacher of any grade level (K-12), you must pass the Subject Area Exam for Exceptional Student Education and the General Knowledge Test. During your first year teaching, you will also pass the Professional Education (PEd) Test.

Florida Teachers of Tomorrow will be with you every step of the way with cutting-edge test preparation materials, all available on our Study Resources page.

Step 3: Teaching

From the moment you begin teaching, you will earn full pay and benefits. Florida Teachers will assign you a Field Supervisor, who will support you throughout the internship.

Whether you’re interested in teaching at the elementary, middle, or secondary level, educators in the field of exceptional student education are in tremendous demand in Florida. This is the perfect time to begin a career in ESE and teach young Floridians. Let Florida Teachers of Tomorrow help you become a certified teacher.

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Additional Resources

The following is a brief list of online resources dedicated to the advancement of ESE.

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