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Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE)

FTCE Exam Registration & Study Resources

Exam Registration

Setup your FTCE Account

You must create an account with the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) Website. This will allow you to access the testing site and view testing locations, time, and complete the registration for the exam. You will need a valid email address & social security number to complete registration.

Once you have registered with the FTCE site, you will immediately be able to register for an exam as well as view any scores and testing history via the menu on your My Account homepage.

Register for Your Exam

After you create your FTCE account, there will be a menu on your My Account homepage. Click on “Register for the FTCE/FELE” to begin. You will be prompted to read and agree to terms and conditions. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can search for multiple exams at the same time by checking the corresponding boxes.

The FTCE site does a fantastic job walking you through the registration process. Simply follow the steps on the screen to complete registration.

Once you have selected the process, your tests will be added to your My Account Homepage. From here, you will be able to schedule, reschedule, or cancel your appointment.

*Note: You will only be able to schedule your testing appointment (date, time, and location) after completing the registration process

Exam Registration

General Knowledge Test (GKT) Preparation

The GKT is comprised of 4 subtests:

• Essay Subtest = 1 essay, 50 minutes
• English Subtest = ~40 multiple choice questions, 40 minutes
• Reading Subtest = ~40 multiple choice questions, 55 minutes
• Mathematics Subtest = ~45 multiple choice questions, 100 minutes

You receive an unofficial score report as soon as you complete the testing on all but the essay. Score reports for the complete test will take approximately 6 weeks. Passing scores must be achieved on all four sections of the GKT as follows:

• Essay Subtest = 8 out of 12 points
• English Subtest = scaled score of 200 or better per section
• Reading Subtest = scaled score of 200 or better per section
• Mathematics Subtest = scaled score of 200 or better per section

Florida Teachers provides comprehensive GKT preparation through our online training modules and webinars. The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) website also provides the following resources for the GKT:

General GKT Preparation Strategies
Competencies, Skills, and Blueprint
Essay Subtest Preparation
English Subtest Practice Questions
Reading Subtest Practice Questions
Math Subtest Practice Questions
Basic Reference Bibliography

Subject Area Exam (SAE) Preparation

Florida Teachers offers certification in the following subject areas. The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) website provides the following resources for each subject area:

Art K-12
Biology 6-12
Business Education 6–12
Chemistry 6–12
Computer Science K–12
Drama 6–12
Elementary Education K-6
English 6–12
Exceptional Student Education K–12
Family and Consumer Science 6–12
Health K–12
Humanities K–12
Marketing 6–12
Mathematics 6–12
Middle Grades English 5–9
Middle Grades General Science 5–9
Middle Grades Mathematics 5–9
Middle Grades Social Science 5–9
Music K–12
Physics 6–12
Prekindergarten/Primary PK–3
Social Science 6–12
Spanish K–12

Professional Education Test (PEd) Preparation

The PEd consists of ~120 Multiple choice questions which are completed in two and a half hours. Florida Teachers provides comprehensive PEd preparation through our online training modules and webinars. The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) website also provides the following resources for the PEd:

General PEd Preparation Strategies
Competencies, Skills, and Blueprint
PEd Practice Questions
Basic Reference Bibliography

Leading Study Resources

As Florida’s highest rated source of teacher certification test prep, The Learning Liaisons offers live FTCE/FELE Workshops and on-demand video courses for the Florida Teacher Certification Exams (General Knowledge Test, Subject Area, Professional Education Test) and Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE).  These interactive video courses give prospective teachers expert preparation aligned with the standards and skills outlined by the Department of Education of the state of Florida.  All skills tested are covered in-depth with content review, practice question analysis and the strategies required for 1st attempt success.  Click the logo below to get started with a special 15% discount.  Click here to join the private Facebook support group. offers guaranteed comprehensive online study guides. Their preparation includes a benchmark asssessment, authentic practice questions (and answers), study materials, flashcards, and a full-length diagnostic assessment. By scoring a 90% on the diagnostic assessment, you qualify for the 240Tutoring guarantee – if you fail, you get your money back! Click their logo below to get started.


REA (30% off)

Research & Education Association is offering an exclusive discount of 30% off ALL test prep books or digital products. Any user who purchases must use promo code RTX67 to receive a discount.


NAVAED is offering a 30% discount ON EVERYTHING with the promo code TOT30 for Florida Teachers of Tomorrow candidates only.

NAVAED offers Test Prep for:
General Knowledge, Professional Education, Reading K-12, K-6, PK-3, ESE, English 5-9 & 6-12, Math 5-9, Social Science 6-12, ESOL, PE, Business Education 6-1, FELE, PRAXIS exam.

240Tutoring (25% Off Monthly)

240Tutoring is offering an exclusive discount of 25% off their regular monthly subscription price. Any user who subscribes using the link below will pay just $30 per month and have unlimited access to all study guides offered by 240 Tutoring for Florida Tests. Once you sign up through the link,  you will make their first monthly payment of $30 and have immediate access to our study guides. (50% off) is offering 50% with promo code StudyTeach2020.

*The discount is set up to charge monthly, but the savings are the same. This way, you are not locked in for the entire six months.

Discount Steps:

1. Go to the website and create an account or sign in.

2. Select a Test Prep.

3. At the payment screen, click “I have a coupon code” and enter the code StudyTeach2020.

4. The coupon field does not open unless you click on the text.

5. Get started!

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