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MTTC Registration & Study Resources

Exam Registration

Setup your MTTC Account

You must create an account with the Michigan Department of Education MTTC Registration Site to be able to view testing locations, time, and complete the registration for the exam. You will need a valid email address & social security number to complete the account creation.

Once you have registered with the MTTC site, you will immediately be able to register for an exam as well as view any scores and testing history via the menu on the right side of your screen.

Register for Your Exam

After you create your MTTC account, there will be a navigation menu on the right side of your screen. Click on “Register” to begin. You can search for multiple exams at the same time by clicking the “add” button when selecting a content area.

The MTTC site does a fantastic job walking you through the registration process. Simply follow the steps on the screen to complete registration.

*Note: You will only be able to schedule your testing appointment (date, time, and location) after completing the registration and payment processes.

Exam Registration

Michigan Department of Education Preparation Materials

This is a fantastic place to start. The Department of Education provides general overviews, percentage breakdowns of content covered, sample questions, and much more. Although they will not give specific content information, they will provide an excellent framework in which areas to focus your studying.

o Materials Home Page
o General Information
o Test Objectives
o Study Guides
o Practice Tests*

*Note: These practice tests cost $29 each, but are highly recommended. They will give you the valuable opportunity to take a test simulation directly from the test developers. Discount offers guaranteed comprehensive online study guides at a 15% discount exclusively to our candidates. Their preparation includes a benchmark assessment, authentic practice questions (and answers), study materials, flashcards, and a full-length diagnostic assessment. By scoring a 90% on the diagnostic assessment, you qualify for the 240Tutoring guarantee – if you fail, you get your money back! Click their logo below to get started.

Khan Academy Interactive Exercises and Videos

Khan Academy provides high-quality instruction created by a multidisciplinary educational team. Simply searching ‘MTTC’ will not bring up much, but individual topics will. For instance, say you are taking the 017 Biology (DA) exam, and after reading the MTTC Test Objectives, you realize you need a better understanding of photosynthesis. Searching “photosynthesis” will provide mountains of study materials. Just be sure to check what is covered on the exam first to manage your study time efficiently.


This interactive, community based website is praised for its simplicity and depth. The site contains tons of free content, including quizzes, diagrams, classes, flashcards, and more. Boasting around 450 quizzes, diagrams, and classes related to the term ‘MTTC,’ Quizlet is consistently mentioned as one of the top free study resources available.


This is a highly recommended and well-rounded test preparation company and offers both a no-fluff classic study guide option and flashcard guides for each MTTC test. Mometrix is Better Business Bureau accredited with an A+ rating. They also offer a money-back guarantee if you should think they are not helping prepare you, no questions asked. $39.99

o MTTC Secrets Study Guide
o MTTC Flashcard Study System


If you prefer tutors, Tutor Select can help you find one near you. For those individuals that learn better in a one-on-one environment or just need a more in-depth review, tutors can be a fantastic resource. You can read their personal bios, credentials, their hourly rates, as well as search by distance from you. $10+ an hour (Rates Vary by Tutor)

o Michigan MTTC Tutors

Note: You may not be able to find a tutor by searching MTTC, but you could find a tutor for a particular subject. Just make sure you send the tutor you select a copy of the MTTC test objectives to make sure that they can tutor you in what specifically you need to study. It may also be helpful to bring a list of areas you need the most help in to make the most out of your sessions.

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