12 years ago today, we started working diligently to help solve the teacher shortage by filling teaching jobs with highly qualified teachers.  We worked with school districts across the state to ensure they had the talent they needed so that every student could have a great teacher.  And the numbers are staggering…

Over 42,000 teachers have been hired by school districts – in that number are:

  • 6,887 special education teaching jobs
  • 2,508 bilingual teaching jobs
  • 2,201 science teaching jobs
  • 3,691 math teaching jobs

We have helped both urban and rural districts and we are second in the nation at hiring teachers of color – 46% of our teachers are non-white.

It has been an amazing 12 years!

In 2016 we increased our impact through:

  • Launching highly interactive training content that will dramatically improve teacher quality
  • Gained acceptance in Florida and Nevada to expand nationally through our parent company, Teachers of Tomorrow
  • Demonstrated a 68% retention rate over 5 years – well ahead of the national average
  • Completed Phase II of our CAEP accreditation – we would be the first alternative certification program approved by CAEP

We are particularly proud of the new teacher training curriculum, which propels our teacher preparation to ‘next level’ status. Offering in-depth test preparation modules, elective coursework, and many hours of video content from inside the classrooms of experienced educators, the new training has enriched the candidate’s learning experience like never before.

The next few years will be incredible and we look forward to continuing to make our mark by training amazing teachers who truly make a difference in the lives of students across the nation. We thank our candidates who became great teachers, our coaches who helped make sure these teacher succeeded in the first year, our schools who hired and supported these teachers and the states and districts who work with us to solve this critical teacher shortage.