We have had a great start for North Carolina Teachers of Tomorrow.  We had only recently been accepted and 2019 was our first full year in the state – but what a great year it has been!

In this year alone we had have had the following results –

  • 3,736 new people inquired about becoming a North Carolina Teacher through our program
  • 2,091 new potential teachers applied to our North Carolina Teachers program
  • 342 new candidates enrolled in North Carolina Teachers certification program
  • 33 were hired so far – but there is a pretty big backlog of processing teacher licenses so we know that number is going to rise. Over 100 new teachers have told us they were hired through our program!

North Carolina teachers has created a pipeline of potential teachers that means we are going to have incredible success in 2020. We look forward to working with our North Carolina school districts to ensure that ever student has a great teacher!

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