It’s an important time of year for anyone who wants to be a teacher: it’s Job Fair Season!! Right now, across South Carolina, school districts and charter schools are hosting job fairs to begin filling the classroom vacancies they have for the 2019-2020 school year. So now is the best time to begin looking for a teaching position. And one of the best ways to do it is by attending job fairs! Job fairs provide the opportunity for teacher candidates to meet with decision-makers and sell themselves by sharing all the many things that will make them a great fit for the classroom: their education, experience and their passion for teaching. But there are several other unique opportunities that job fairs provide:

  • Get the opportunity to meet school administrators and teachers to learn more about the school district or charter school environment and instructional philosophies.
  • Get a better understanding of the interview process and begin to feel more confident about your interview skills.
  • Learn about other immediate opportunities to gain classroom experience, including substituting and volunteering.

South Carolina Teachers encourages our teacher candidates to attend as many job fairs as possible to learn about all the opportunities that are available, as well as find the educational environment that is the best fit. Find a list of South Carolina job fairs at . Below are some of the key job fairs and events coming up in South Carolina. You can sign-up and reserve your spot today!

  • Beaufort County School District Teacher Job Fair 3/9
  • Barnwell-Williston School District Recruitment Fair 3/9
  • Berkeley County School District Teacher Recruitment Fair 3/16
  • Sumter County School District Teacher Recruitment Fair 3/19
  • South Carolina Teacher EXPO 3/29

As you begin attending job fairs, remember that South Carolina Teachers provides a host of resources to help you prepare to find a teaching position. We provide tips on how to make yourself marketable, how to develop a portfolio and interviewing, as well as cover letter and resume writing examples. Candidates can even have their resume reviewed by one of our experts and get custom feedback. You can find these resources at .

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