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South Carolina Teacher Certification Testing Requirements 2022

Everything you need to know about the Praxis Exam.

South Carolina Teacher Certification Testing

We provide guidance and resources to help you prepare for the South Carolina state teaching exams. Upon admission to the program, you will need to pass the applicable Praxis II Subject Area exam(s) that corresponds to the subject area you are pursuing. The subject area exam must be passed before you can begin seeking employment as a teacher. Once in the classroom, you will need to pass the Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT).

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What is the Praxis II Exam

The Praxis II exam, also known as the Praxis Subject Assessments, is a category of tests that focus on subject-specific content, versus a general measurement of skills for core subjects. These exams aim to examine if an individual is capable of educating students in a classroom on a specific subject. In order to become certified in teaching Secondary learning and Special Education, individuals must pass the South Carolina Praxis II exam. Learn more about the Praxis II exam and how South Carolina Teachers of Tomorrow can help ready you for the test!

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Praxis II Subject Assessments

Our Program Advisors play an important role in helping you select the certification area that complement your skills and interests.

Available Exams

Visit our State Tests page for links to all of the tests that correspond to the subject areas that are offered by South Carolina Teachers. You may also find information about the tests by visiting the ETS Praxis website.


South Carolina Teachers offers links to free study resources, as well as the leading professional resources, on our State Tests page. All tests are administered by ETS. Test Dates and Centers can be found by visiting the ETS Praxis website.

Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching

The Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) is a test that focuses on subject-specific content. Individuals are required to pick a subject that they wish to pursue and then will need to take the corresponding test.

Teachers seeking certification in Secondary areas and Special Education required to pass the South Carolina Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) to receive a Professional Certificate. You can take the exam before you begin teaching, but most wait until they have been in the classroom teaching, as the test is focused on the application of pedagogy in the classroom. The test you take depends on the instructional certificate you are working towards and grade level you are teaching.

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What are the requirements to be a teacher in South Carolina?

In order to be a teacher in South Carolina, individuals must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, pass all required Praxis exams, and participate in an approved teacher preparation program. Candidates are able to enroll in a traditional program or opt for an alternative teacher certification program like South Carolina Teachers of Tomorrow. Once all exams have been passed and a certification program has been completed, a background check must be submitted to receive the teaching certificate. Discover how South Carolina Teachers of Tomorrow can help get you to the classroom soon!

How many times can I take the Praxis II exam?

You are able to take the Praxis II exam as many times as necessary until you pass. However, you are unable to register for the exam until you have received your score. You must also wait 28 days before taking the exam again. It is best to come as prepared as possible so that you increase your chances of passing the exam. Prepare a study schedule that includes practice tests and questions so that you feel prepared when the big day comes!

What is the percentage needed to pass the Praxis?

The passing score needed for the praxis exam in South Carolina varies by subject. Because each subject is a different test and is made up of different questions, there is not one exact passing score for all of the exams. In order to pass the praxis exam for the subject that you choose, it’s important to adequately prepare. Find all of the studying resources that South Carolina Teachers of Tomorrow has to help you pass the exam!

How Should I Prepare for the Praxis II Exam?

Preparing for the Praxis II exam is a key part of passing the test to receive your professional education certification. Preparation can take many forms, such as taking practice exams and learning strategies around how best to answer questions. South Carolina Teachers of Tomorrow offers a wide variety of materials, preparation course discounts, and step-by-step instructions for registering and passing the exam. Find out which resources are best for you as you get ready to take the Praxis II exam!

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