Additional Resources

State Preparation Materials

Pearson, the company that administrates the TExES exams, provides TExES Exam preparation materials that include free study tips and preparation manuals, which contain the competencies to be tested and sample questions. Interactive practice exams with scoring feedback are also available for $10 each.


Leading Professional Resources

Learning Liaisons TExES Test Resources (recommended / discount below)
Pearson TExES Preparation Manuals
Pearson Interactive Practice Tests ($10 each)
TExES Exam Prep (one-on-one tutoring service)
Pass The TExES
TExES Flash Card Secrets Study Guide
TExES Secret Study Guides
Quizlet (free resource)
Kahan Academy (free resource)


The Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Exam

The Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) exam is only taken once you are hired in the classroom. Study resources for the PPR Exam can be found in our resources related to Your Internship Year.


The Learning Liaisons Test Prep

(25% off Discount Code) is offering an exclusive 25% discount code for Texas Teachers of Tomorrow candidates. This discount code can be applied to all TeXes test prep courses.


Please use the promo code: TTTX25



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