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Our Teacher Certification Program Prepares You for the Classroom.

Effective Preparation for Today's Texas Classrooms

Our teacher test preparation and training coursework prepare you to confidently lead your own classroom. The preparation training is a research-based curriculum, focused on preparing the teachers of tomorrow by providing a solid pedagogical framework. The training is developed from the work of educational leaders, such as Dr. Robert Marzano, Dr. Madeline Hunter, Harry Wong, Dr. Benjamin Bloom, Dr. Ruby Payne, and Dr. Eric Jensen. Our training curriculum continues to be updated to reflect the most relevant and effective classroom preparation. No matter your current experience level, Texas Teachers of Tomorrow sets you up for success.


Texas Teachers offers online exam preparation modules to help prepare for most certification area exams.

When preparing for an exam, familiarize yourself with the material, as well as the format of the test. The Resources page provides information on where to find free preparation manuals, tests at-a-glance, test familiarization videos, and interactive practice tests.

Our Online Study Community is a forum where candidates share their study tips and test feedback.

There are also several reputable private test preparation companies that provide study guides and in-person classes; see our Resources page for our recommendations.

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As of September 1, 2018, the majority of certification exams are computer-administered through a vendor, PearsonClick here for more details.

Follow our step-by-step guide to register for necessary exams.

Test Selection, Approval and Requirements

The Texas Education Agency requires each teacher candidate to pass a subject-specific certification exam. Our Program Advisors play an important role in helping you select the certification area(s) which complement your skills and interests to give you the best chance to get hired. Passing a certification exam, in the subject area you are pursuing, demonstrates your Subject Matter Knowledge.

Beginning on September 1, 2018, TExES tests will be administered through Pearson. Click here for more details.


Our comprehensive teacher training is offered in a full online format, so that you can learn at a pace that fits your schedule. The innovative coursework integrates our research-based pedagogy with high-engagement learning.

More than 100 hours of Classroom Readiness Training is offered to ensure you learn all of the skills and strategies necessary to be a confident and successful educator.

  • Preparing for the Profession
  • Characteristics of Effective Teachers
  • Educator Professionalism
  • Community of Learners
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • The Texas Educator Code of Ethics
  • Components of Effective Instruction
  • Teaching Strategies that Work
  • Differentiating Instruction
  • Digital Tools for Today’s Classroom
  • Designing a Personalized Learning Environment
  • Research Based Strategies for Literacy Development

Field Based Experience

Field-Based Experiences (FBEs) are introductory classroom experiences for a teacher certification candidate. This aspect of your training involves reflective observation of EC-12 students, teachers, and campus staff members, engaging in educational activities in a school setting. 15 FBE hours are required and all may be completed through our online training platform and 15 will need to be completed in-person.

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