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certified teacher Texas

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Begin by applying for free today. Our Program Advisors work with you to develop your personalized strategy to become a certified teacher.

On the Traditional Path, you can get started right away!

GPA Requirements for the Traditional Path

  • 2.5+ GPA posted on your official transcripts
  • 2.5+ GPA in the last 60 semester hours of coursework attempted

To expedite your application, send us your official transcripts. We accept transcripts sent via standard mail or electronically. Inquire whether your campus avails of the eScrip-Safe service.

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We offer five different enrollment paths! 

  • The Traditional Path
  • The PACT Path
  • The International Candidate Path
  • The University Student Path
  • The Professional Experience Path

Discover the path which qualifies you to enroll! 

How  to Enroll

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Become Eligible

Complete your testing and training, in any order, at your own pace. Our study resources help prepare you for testing. Our innovative online training equips you with the knowledge needed for the classroom. If you are a Late Hire Candidate, you are eligible to teach once you complete your testing! You are not required to complete your FBEs or online training prior to getting hired.

Online Training and Test Prep

Once you complete your self-paced online training, you will have gained the expertise and knowledge necessary to begin teaching in the classroom.

Our curriculum is created by leading educators and is continually updated to reflect the most relevant and effective classroom preparation.

More than 100+ hours of classroom readiness training is offered in our self-paced, online format so that you can train to be a teacher while keeping your current job.

30  FBE classroom observations hours are required by the state of Texas. You may complete the hours through our online training platform and in person.

You may choose to complete additional training modules, based on your interests or areas where you feel you may need additional guidance.

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Start Teaching

During the first year, you will lead your own classroom, as a full time teacher. Your Field Supervisor and on-campus mentor will provide support and answer questions.

Begin your career as a teacher with full pay and full benefits!

We provide effective and valuable resources to offer you the best chance for employment.

  • Put together a stunning resume and portfolio
  • Prepare for the tough interview questions
  • Make the best impression with school districts
  • Get face-to-face time with HR professionals and principals

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Your Field Supervisor will visit and observe your classroom five times throughout the year. They are also available via phone and email to offer guidance and support.

Your final required state exam is Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility (PPR) exam. We are dedicated to helping you pass and provide an in-depth review, as well as comprehensive practice tests and additional study resources.

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Fully Certified

Upon successful completion of the standard program requirements, the TExES Content Exam, and your first year of teaching, you will receive your Standard Certificate and become fully certified to teach in the state of Texas!

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What are the requirements to teach in Texas?

In order to teach in Texas, you must receive a certification by passing the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) test. You also must complete your training and 15 hours of field based experience (FBE) before you can apply for your teacher certification. Learn more about our effective preparation for teaching in Texas.

Can you teach in Texas without a degree?

In Texas, you can become a teacher without a bachelor’s degree. If you have at least 2-7 verifiable years of licensed work in a Trade and Industry field, there are many subject areas under Career & Technical Education (CTE) in which you can earn your online teacher certification. Learn more about CTE certifications and if this option works for you!

How long does it take to become a teacher in Texas?

Typically, it can take about 4 or 5 years to get your teaching degree in Texas through a traditional route. However, Teachers of Tomorrow is an alternative teachers certification program that can be taken at your own pace. This means that you are able to finish in months versus years. Why wait? Apply today!

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