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Clinical Teaching

The Quickest Route to Earn Your Teacher Certification.

The 14-week Certification Option

Clinical Teaching is the quickest and most affordable route to earn your teacher certification in Texas. Candidates following this route are placed in a fully certified teacher’s classroom, where they observe, assist, and eventually teach in a guided and structured program.

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Getting Started

The enrollment process is the same for Clinical Teaching!

Some important things to consider:

  • Clinical teaching is a full-time unpaid student teaching assignment.
  • Acceptance into Clinical Teaching is not guaranteed.
  • Candidates must have FBEs complete and demonstrate subject matter knowledge by passing a content exam, prior to beginning the acceptance process.
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Placement Process

After enrolling in the Texas Teachers program, there are a few additional steps that must be completed for consideration and admittance into the Clinical Teaching program for the Fall semester of 2020. The last official placement date for the Fall semester is August 26th, 2020.

Before Acceptance

  • Candidates must demonstrate subject matter knowledge by passing the state content exam(s) for the desired certification area.
  • Candidates will obtain 30 hours of field-based experience by observing a certified teacher on a TEA-accredited campus.
  • Email to request access to take the Star Haberman Exam – a free online screening test which evaluates your teaching philosophy.
  • If the Star Haberman Exam shows you are a good fit for Clinical Teaching, a coordinator will schedule a face-to-face interview with you.

After Acceptance

  • Texas Teachers works with candidate’s preferred school districts to find a placement.
  • Clinical teachers are required to complete three training modules before a placement request will be sent.
  • Placement is not guaranteed. Once a placement is established, the internship route is no longer available to the candidate.
  • Once a placement is secured, the requirements during the 14 weeks are the same as the those for internship teachers.
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Start Teaching

For 14 weeks, learn from the best: a fully certified and experienced teacher. You'll teach side-by-side.

  • The 14-week Clinical Teaching placement is an unpaid, full-time assignment, during which candidates take on increasing responsibilities in the classroom.
  • Clinical teachers complete the same requirements as internship teachers and have the full classroom support of their Field Supervisor.
  • Upon completion of the placement and all program requirements, you will earn your Standard Certificate!
Pricing for Certification

Pricing Options

Low-Cost Clinical Teaching Plan:

Pay the full balance at the start of your Clinical Teaching assignment and receive a $200 discount. Interest-free payment plan!

Standard Clinical Teaching Plan:

Pay the full program balance in two equal payments during the 14-week clinical assignment. The first payment is due upfront and the second payment is due at the 7-week point.

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