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The Quickest Route to Certification

Texas Teachers has created our exclusive Fast Track program, designed to help you earn your teacher certification in just 14 short weeks of teaching in the classroom! Instead of teaching for one full year under the Internship route, you will complete your teaching field experiencesimilar to student teaching. On the Fast Track placement of 14 weeks (also known as Clinical Teaching), you will have the unique opportunity to work alongside a fully certified teacher to observe, assist, and eventually teach with expert guidance. You won’t find this quality of hands-on experience anywhere else.

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About the Fast Track

Why Choose the Fast Track Program

Fast Track Program Considerations:

  • This program is a full-time, unpaid 14-week student teaching assignment, and is the only way to fast track your teacher certification.
  • Acceptance into our Fast Track program is not guaranteed (but highly likely). The application process is quick and free!
  • This is an exclusive route: Only candidates who have completed their 30 Field-Based Experience Hours and have demonstrated Subject Matter Knowledge by passing the state content exam in the subject areas and grade levels in which you are pursuing certification are admitted.
  • While you do not have to complete all of our Pre-Service Training Modules prior to applying or getting accepted to the Fast Track program, you will be required to complete all Pre-Service Training Requirements prior to the start of your teaching placement. 
  • Completing Pre-Service Training Requirements can take several months to complete. 

Fast Track Benefits:

  • Fast Track Your Success: You can earn your Standard Teacher Certification in just 14 weeks (after completing all Pre-Service Training Requirements).
  • Get Hands-on Experience: Working in the classroom with a certified teacher provides a level of hands-on teaching and mentorship you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Learn from the Best: Your partner teacher is a master educator
  • Your Opinion Matters: We strive to place you in your top district choice.
  • Access to a Near-guaranteed Job: After completing your placement assignment, your chances of getting hired in the same school are much greater. The majority of program completers get hired in their school.

Program Requirements to Complete After (or During) Your Placement:

  • Requirements to complete: TExES content exam, Pre-Service Training Modules, Intern Projects Elective Courses, Science of Teaching Reading Exam (if applicable), 10 Lesson Plans, and PPR Review & Exam.
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Requesting Placement

Texas Teachers is committed to your success in the classroom. To ensure you are prepared to begin your 14-week teaching placement, admission into the Fast Track program is exclusively offered to candidates who meet certain requirements. Submit your application today; Spring and Fall 2022 placement is coming to an end.

 To successfully meet this deadline, please review the following Fast Track (Clinical Teaching) requirements:

Step 1: Requirements

  • Candidates must complete their 30 hours of field-based experience by observing a certified teacher on a TEA-accredited campus.
  • Candidates must first pass their state content exam(s) for the desired certification area before applying to the Fast Track.

Step 2: How to Apply

  • Email our Fast Track Coordinator at
  • Following your email request, we will send you a screening tool, called the “Star Haberman Exam,” which is a simple multiple-choice questionnaire that doesn’t require studying.
  • If the “Star Haberman Exam” identifies you as a good fit for the Fast Track, a Coordinator will schedule a short, informal phone interview with you.

Step 3: Placement

  • Before requesting your placement, candidates are required to complete three training modules.
  • While placement is not guaranteed, it is highly likely. Once a placement is established, candidates may no longer choose to follow the Traditional Internship route.
  • All Pre-Service Training must be completed prior to the start of your placement. Keep in mind that it can take anywhere from few weeks to a few months to complete 
  • After securing a teaching placement, all requirements during the 14 weeks (70 instructional days) are the same as the Traditional Internship route.
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Start Teaching

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  • Over the course of 14 weeks (70 instructional days), you will gradually take on more classroom responsibility, while always receive guidance from your cooperative certified classroom teacher.
  • The requirements for the Fast Track are identical to the Traditional Internship route.
  • In addition to co-teaching with an experienced teacher, you will also have the support of a Field Supervisor.
  • Upon successful completion of the 14-week assignment and all program requirements, you will earn your Standard Certificate!
Pricing for Certification

Pricing Options

Make it work for you! We offer two different payment options from which to choose in order to ensure the Fast Track program meets your needs.

Cost-Efficient Payment Option:

Most Popular! The plan with the biggest discount with the highest savings. Receive a $300 discount by simply paying your program balance before starting your 14-week teaching assignment. Start today!

Flexible Payment Option:

Opt for a flexible payment plan, which allows you to submit your program balance in two equal payments. The first payment is due before you begin your 14-week teaching assignment. The second payment is due during week 7: the halfway point.

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