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Teachers of Tomorrow is excited to announce Lewisville ISD as a District Select partner! Lewisville ISD is offering the opportunity to receive full program fee sponsorships for a select number of candidates entering their first year of teaching as a SPED or Bilingual teacher with a Statement of Eligibility.


This sponsorship is for candidates entering their first year of teaching as a SPED or Bilingual teacher. How can you take advantage of this opportunity? Apply with Lewisville ISD for your chance to be hired as a district select candidate, have your program fees covered, and gain access to exclusive teacher resources!


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Why Work at Lewisville ISD?

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The Mission of Lewisville ISD is to ensure students, staff, and the community design and implement a learning organization that provides engaging, innovative experiences every day.


With a vision to ensure all students enjoy thriving, productive lives in a future they create, Lewisville ISD hopes to help you become an educator who can make a lasting impact!


Plus, they have been listed as one of Texas’ Best Employers in 2022 by Forbes!


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Q: What certification areas are being considered by Lewisville ISD for the program?


A: Lewisville ISD will only be considering SPED and Bilingual candidates with their SOE.
(STR and Core Content Exams Passed Recommended)


Q: How can I have my program fees covered by Lewisville ISD?


A: To have your program fees covered by Lewisville ISD, you must apply online with the district, be offered and accept a position, and be chosen by Lewisville ISD to participate in their District Select cohort.


Q: How much of the cost will be covered?


A: If chosen to participate in the Lewisville ISD District Select program your program fees will be covered 100%. You will also receive the benefits listed above.


Q: Am I guaranteed to have my fees covered if I am hired by the district?


A: No, not all candidates hired by Lewisville ISD will have their fees covered. District Select candidates are chosen at the discretion of the district and spaces are limited. Some candidates hired with the district may be required to pay their own program fees monthly once hired and on a certificate.


Q: How will I know if I am chosen as a District Select participant?


A: Lewisville ISD will notify you if you are chosen as a District Select participant.

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