Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Exam


What Is the PPR Exam?

During your first Internship Year teaching in the classroom, all candidates are required to take the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) exam in order to become fully certified and receive their Standard Certificate. This exam does not test your knowledge in a particular content area, but rather addresses the theory of various aspects of teaching and what a first-year teacher should know. While it’s important to note that the Texas Education Agency allows candidates only five attempts to pass the exam, Texas Teachers has prepared a comprehensive Test Preparation course for you to take in Canvas. Additionally, we have compiled a comprehensive list of study resources.


Become Eligible to Take the PPR

After you complete your Pre-Service Training and begin your Internship Year, you will receive access to your Texas Teachers PPR Review, which consists of 4 quizzes and 1 review exam. You must earn a score of 80% or higher to become eligible to take the exam.

EC-12 PPR Version (#160)

We recommend all interns take the EC-12 version (#160) of this test, because it is the easiest and most beneficial exam. The questions are more broad and general. It spans all grade levels, so it will certify you for any age group, should you ever choose to teach another grade or subject.


Districts prefer you to have passed this test within 6–7 months from your start of employment to allow them to make their re-hiring decisions. Putting off this exam could jeopardize your contract renewal for the following school year. We recommend completing the online review within the first 4–5 months of teaching to ensure you stay on schedule.


If you fail the PPR test, you will have to contact the office to regain re-approval for the exam. The PPR exam is one of the most critical parts of your certification process, and the state closely monitors each person’s score for accountability purposes. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) allows candidates 5 exam attempts. If necessary, candidates may apply for additional attempts through the TEA.

Test Day Checklist

Take a look at the following checklist prior to your exam to make sure you are prepared.

  • Print your PPR Exam admission confirmation.
  • Bring a valid ID.
  • Wear a watch to keep track of time.
  • Pack a bottle of water, a snack, and a couple of lucky pencils.
  • Testing centers can get cold. Bring a sweater!

PPR Exam Preparation Resources

Preparation tools are available for any budget. Review the following list and find the preparation tool which best meets your needs.


Quizlet | FREE :
A free application and website which offers a variety of online articles and study resources.


Online Study Community | FREE : Texas Teachers’ online forum where previous test-takers share their experiences and offer study tips. | FREE (for 30 days) : A comprehensive website offering 26 online study chapters, study guides and practice tests.


Pearson State Preparation Materials | $10 : Purchase one interactive practice exam with a 120-day access pass.


Certify Teacher | $35 (with Texas Teachers discount; originally $80) : Purchase 3-year access to various interactive practice tests. Features: personalized study plans, exam history tracking, detailed explanations, video tutoring, flashcard drills.


240 Tutoring | $39.99/month : Purchase monthly access to practice tests. Features: conditional money-back guarantee.


Mometrix TExES Secret Study Guides | $39.99 : Purchase a step-by-step study guide, available in hardcopy or E-book format.


TExEs Flash Card Secrets Study Guide | $39.99 : Purchase flash cards to help you learn how to solve difficult test questions.


Pass the TExES | $30-$44 : Purchase a variety of services, such as subject area specific E-books ($30-$45).

Pass the TExES | $45-$120 : Sign up to work with a tutor via phone, Skype or in-person. 1- or 2-hour appointments available.


Training & Consulting Downs Educational | $99-$350: Purchase a test preparation course package from an allotment of options.


TExES Tutoring Services | $399.99/2 weeks, $559.99/4 weeks : Purchase real-time tutoring sessions with experts delivered via Skype or video chat. Features: strategy development, exam practice, core subject preparation, flexible scheduling.

Texas Teachers provides test preparation modules in your Canvas account to help you prepare for all of the most popular TExES tests and the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) test. You can go a step further in your preparation for the PPR by watching the 4-part PPR Review Seminar HERE.

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