Texas Teachers’ Program Glossary

You’ve likely discovered the world of teaching is comprised of countless acronyms and we know that we’ve thrown a whole lot of Texas Teachers Program terminology your way! Once you learn one, you encounter three more. If you’ve found yourself wondering what something means, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled the definitive list of our program acronyms, abbreviations, and terms and have defined them for you – all in one place! We will continue to update this page, so be sure to bookmark it and use it as your Texas Teachers Program Glossary.

Acronyms & Abbreviations Definition Context
ACP Alternative Certification Program (See related: EPP) A type of Educator Preparation Program (EPP) that is a post-baccalaureate option for teachers who did not complete a traditional undergraduate EPP. Texas Teachers is both an ACP and EPP.
CBM Curriculum-Based Measurement CBM is a method used to discover and outline students’ progression in basic academic areas.
CTE Career and Technical Education (See related: TNI) Educators who teach skill-based careers to students. Candidates with valid licensed work experience in a Trade and Industry (TNI) field may be eligible to apply to Texas Teachers. Learn more.
DOI District of Innovation A law passed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) which allows traditional independent school districts most of the flexibilities available to Texas’ open-enrollment charter schools.
EC Early Childhood A subject area in which you can pursue certification. It may cover a range of grade levels (ex. EC-6).
EL Enrollment Letter (See related: LOE) Once you have passed a content exam, Texas Teachers’ will provide you with an Enrollment Letter (also sometimes referred to as a Letter of Enrollment).
ELL English Language Learner
(See related: LEP)
A student who has Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and is learning the English language. It is common to work with these students as an ESL or Bilingual Education teacher.
EPP Educator Preparation Program (See related: ACP) A program that prepares qualified candidates to become a certified teacher. Texas Teachers of Tomorrow is an EPP.
ESL English as a Second Language A high-need certification area in which teachers can pursue certification. ESL refers to students to do not speak English as their native language. Learn more.
FBE Field-Based Experience You will be required to complete 30 FBE hours, also known as classroom observations. This will introduce you to the classroom setting as you gain teaching experience.
IEP Individualized Education Plan An IEP is a plan or program developed to meet the specific needs of a learner with a disability. It is common for Special Education teachers to create IEPs for their students.
LEP Limited English Proficiency A student who is not fluent in English.  It is common to work with these students as an ESL or Bilingual Education teacher.
LOE Letter of Enrollment
(See related: EL)
Once you have passed a content exam, Texas Teachers’ will provide you with a Letter of Enrollment (which is more commonly referred to as an Enrollment Letter.)
LOTE Language Other Than English A student whose native language is not English. LOTE may be used to describe a teacher-candidate who is pursuing a subject area to teach a language other than English (ex. Spanish.)
PACT Pre-Admission Content Test A PACT exam may be taken by candidates wishing to enroll with an EPP, such as Texas Teachers, if their GPA does not meet the minimum entrance requirement of 2.5.
PPCD Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities A program that helps prepare young children with disabilities to attend school.
PD Professional Development A term used to describe continued learning, specialized training, formal education, or certifications attained to advance your career as a teacher.
PPR Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities (exam) A required exam to assess your skills and knowledge as a Texas educator. All candidates must pass this exam to earn their Standard Certification. Learn more.
SOE Statement of Eligibility Before accepting employment, you must provide your district with an updated SOE. This confirms you have successfully completed Texas Teachers’ Pre-Service training and are eligible for employment.
SOQ Statement of Qualifications A form that must be submitted by candidates with valid wage-earning occupational experience, seeking program admittance to become a Career and Technical Education teacher.
SpEd Special Education A high-need certification area in which teachers can pursue certification. Learn more.
STAAR State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness An annual exam for Texas’ students.
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Academies A grouping of four high-needs subject areas. Learn more.
TAC Texas Administrative Code A compilation of all state agency rules in Texas.
TEA Texas Education Agency The state agency which oversees primary and secondary public education. Visit the TEA website.
TEC Texas Education Code The TEC is a compilation of all laws and rules passed by Texas legislature.
TEKS Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Texas state standards for public school from kindergarten to grade 12.
TNI Trade & Industrial (See related: CTE) Candidates pursuing a CTE program must have technical field experience, also known as TNI experience.
TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language A required test of English proficiency for candidates whose native English is not English.
USDE US Department of Education An agency of the federal government that establishes and coordinates education policies.

What We Mean When We Say…

What We Say What We Mean
“Canvas” The platform where you complete your online courses
“Classroom Observations” Field-Based Experience Hours
“Coach” Filed Supervisor
“Content Exam” TExES exam through Pearson (a pre-service requirement)
“Courses” Modules
“Intern” Candidate
“Intern Portal” Where you can find your Texas Teachers’ program requirements
“Mentor” Your district-assigned guide during your Intern Year. Please note your assigned mentor has no association with Texas Teachers.
“Pearson” Texas Educator Examination Program
“Pre-Service” Your required online training modules and your 30 hours of Field-Based Experience.


With this Texas Teachers glossary, you should never be left scratching your head wondering what something means again! If you spot a new unfamiliar term, let us know and we’ll update our list!