It’s that time of year where districts and universities across Texas are hosting teacher job fairs for openings next school year.

We highly recommend our candidates participate in as many of these events as possible after passing their first content exam and gaining access to their Enrollment Letter, found in the Internship tab of the Intern Portal.  Job Fairs are an excellent opportunity to network in-person with dozens of hiring districts all in one room, so the more you attend, the more exposure you get with districts.  Plus, they can be a lot of fun, and a tremendous confidence boost.  Don’t be intimidated – principals and HR staff are very nice people, and these conversations are at a minimum excellent practice as you continue your job search!

Put your best foot forward when attending these events.  Plan to arrive early and stay late to maximize your chances for interviews.  Submit online applications with as many districts as possible prior to the job fair, and try to know a bit about their district location, size, and culture.

If you don’t have a suit, get one – a relatively affordable suit of under $200 is a great investment.  Although you won’t wear a suit to work everyday as a teacher, it creates a great first impression at job fairs with school recruiters.

Also be sure to arrange for child care ahead of time.  We’re sure your kids are adorable – but taking them to a job fair suggests that you will have difficulty arranging child care when working for a school.  That is not the right message to convey.

Texas Teachers lists many public teacher job fairs on our website.  Check these postings regularly and watch for emails from us regarding last-minute job fairs and our own virtual and in-person job fairs.

Remember, the teacher hiring seasons only gets busier as we get closer to next school year.  But don’t miss out on opportunities that are available now.  Pass your exam(s) as soon as possible to begin your job search. If you’ve already passed your exam(s), make sure all your online training and observation hours are complete well before your position starts.

Good luck this hiring season! Contact Texas Teachers if you have any questions.

– Jonathan Schneider – Outreach, Recruiting, and District Support