How to Get An Employer’s Attention

One of the first steps of getting hired is to put yourself out there. It can seem like a really intimidating task but learning how to increase your marketability can help you make huge steps in the direction of your dream teaching job! You might be asking yourself “But where do I start?” We’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of some easy tips and tricks to help you land that teaching job.

Before we get started, let’s define “marketability”:


These tips may help you catch the eye of hiring school districts.

Location: Be Open-Minded

Depending on where you live, it’s very likely you’ll need to factor in commute time to your job search. Open a map application on your web browser or smartphone and calculate how long it will take to travel to and from your potential place of work. Make sure to adjust the leaving time, as traveling during peak hours may add time to your commute. While it’s important to determine a reasonable commute time, it’s important not to limit your search area drastically. If your search radius is too narrow, your job options will be limited. If you find this to be the case, consider expanding your search to different areas.

While you may have your heart set on working at a specific school, keep in mind that the main objective – especially during the first couple of years – is to gain experience! The more flexible you are regarding location, the more options you will have. Rural districts generally tend to have more open positions and a smaller applicant pool. As you gain more experience, you can always continue to apply for more competitive positions!

Be Competitive: Pursue High-Need Areas

Becoming a teacher in a high-need area will give you a competitive edge! School districts are always seeking teachers who are certified in the subject areas most needed in their school. For more information regarding high-need areas in Texas, read this blog post.

Remember that you may need to add multiple subject areas. Your goal may be to teach Elementary Education, which isn’t on the high-need area list. While we do encourage you to pursue your preferred area, in order to make yourself more marketable, you should also consider adding an additional area. This will provide the hiring district with flexibility on campus and open more job opportunities for you! Ask our Program Advisors about which subject areas may be most beneficial to your specific skills and interests.

Step Outside the Box: Extracurriculars

Schools are looking for educators who want to help support the students, both in and outside the classroom. If you are open to organizing or leading an extracurricular team or club, you are significantly more marketable as a teacher! A science teacher who leads the seventh-grade cheerleading squad will be offered the job before the science teacher who only teaches science. This is also a great experience to add to your growing teacher portfolio!

Learn and Gain Experience: Volunteer & Connect

Classroom experience of any kind will help boost your marketability. Consider volunteering at various school events, or even substitute teaching. This is a fantastic way to gain experience and begin networking. As you attend events, be sure to connect with others. Most people are generally happy to offer advice, but you must make a genuine effort to connect with them. Always keep in touch – you never know when a previous contact may prove beneficial in the future!

Want some more info on how to land that job? We have all the resources you need! Check out our #GetHired page to learn more about our services!