On January 1st, 2021 – Texas will be requiring teachers to complete the Science of Teaching Reading (STR) exam; which may seem far off, but in reality is rapidly approaching.

Anyone that is not-yet Standard Certified prior to January 1st of 2021 will be required to take the new STR exam if they are pursuing the following certification/subject areas:

  • EC-3 (elementary)
  • EC-6 core subjects (elementary
  • 4-8 core subjects
  • 4-8 ELAR (English Language Arts)
  • 4-8 ELAR/SS (English Language Arts / Social Studies)

While students will benefit from this new requirement; teachers will be expected to pay the additional financial cost for the extra test. If you’re considering teaching one of the above subjects – you’ll want to keep these changes in mind! Anyone currently on-track to be Standard Certified prior to January 1st of 2021 will not have to worry about the change, as they will be ‘grandfathered in’ and exempt.

With so many open teaching positions throughout the state – you really can gain the teaching job you want today! A great strategy to knock out two birds with one stone would be to pursue the certification area of your choice, get the teaching job of your dreams, and complete a Reading Academy paid for by the school district you end up working for!

The Science of Teaching Reading is coming to Texas very soon – so stay tuned to our blog or the TEA website for more information!

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