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Texas Teachers Exclusive Candidate Resources

Texas Teachers is committed to helping you move through the program with ease and get into the classroom as quickly as possible. We’ll be by your side throughout the entire process. View your exclusive candidate resources which will help you prepare for required state exams, discover the subject area that best matches your skillset, explore your online learning platform, and more.


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Finding a Teaching Job: We Can Help with That!

As a candidate in the Texas Teachers program, you have gained access to all of our resources. Below you will find a library of videos, seminars and services to help you prepare for your interview, craft a great teaching resume and get hired as a full time teacher.


Before you start your job search, consider the following to help make you the most marketable candidate to hiring districts.

Certification Areas
The best way to get hired quickly is to demonstrate subject matter knowledge in an area that is in high demand. Consider teaching High School or Middle School Science or Math. You would be surprised how many options there are within these areas — Physical Science, Biology, Geometry, Algebra — all kinds of diverse and interesting topics.

You also have the option of testing in more than one area. For example if you want to teach Elementary, the Core EC-6 exam is not a high need area.  However, you can make yourself more marketable by adding English as a Second Language (ESL) or Special Education (SpEd). These exams are supplemental, which means that your classroom will mainly consist of average Core EC-6 learners, but since you have passed one of those exams you would be able to welcome a student who has a learning disability, or a student who isn’t a native English speaker. This will provide the hiring district with flexibility on campus and open more job opportunities for you! Ask our Program Advisors about additional certifications that may be most beneficial to your specific skills and interests.

Search Area
Texas Teachers of Tomorrow advises that you expand your search area to include a reasonable commute. Sometimes the district or school you really want to teach at isn’t hiring. So working for a year or so at a different school will give you the necessary classroom experience to be the top candidate when other schools are hiring. Or you may just find that the job you have is actually the one you love.

Extra Curricular
Many times a school will ask if you are willing to help with extra curricular opportunities. Would you be willing to coach the seventh grade cheer leading squad? Would you be able to help with the eco-bots or mathletes team? Would you be the leader of a club like a book club or a community service club?
Being willing to help out where needed for these extra opportunities will help you stand out as a candidate. It shows that you are a team player, and are willing to help where needed. Plus you’ll get a little more experience to add to your portfolio.

cover letters

When applying for jobs with schools, never underestimate the importance of taking the time to include a personalized cover letter with your resume. Don’t give the person screening resumes a second to entertain the thought: “But how can this person help us?” 

Helpful Tips
When you are applying for a particular position, show that you know something about the school or the school corporation. This is where your research comes in. Don’t go overboard, but within the letter, make sure you communicate how your talents and experiences align with the culture and goals of the campus or district. Remember, the purpose of the cover letter is to explain why you are sending a résumé and to provide you with a second opportunity to advertise yourself to a hiring official or principal. Keep your cover letter short, to the point, accurate, targeted, and easy to read.

Cover letters can be used generically and not addressed to anybody in particular or for any position specifically.  This is what you use for job fairs and any other time when you generically applying for many positions.  However, when possible, try to write an individual, customized cover letter for every position you apply for.

teacher resume

Texas Teachers of Tomorrow offers a free resume review service. Once you have done your best to complete your resume, you can email it directly to our experts and they will provide you with custom feedback. Simply mail your resume to

Through our years of working with district HR administrators and principals, we have collected a wealth of advice and expertise on how to make your resume effectively communicate the type of educator you will be. To access this library, click here.



teacher portfolio

Your portfolio is an extension of your resume and cover letter. This is where you will present all of your official documents, a collection of sample work, and any other material often requested by school districts.

Items to Include:

• Philosophy of Education
• Supporting Documentation
• Any other related materials related to your past experience


This is a brief essay that expresses your overall viewpoint of education. Keep it positive and non-political. This is about what education means to you and how it taps into your passion as a person.Your philosophy of education should be 1-2 pages double spaced, well organized and thoughtful. You need to write to your reader. What does this person need to know? It should include the following:

• Your role as a future educator
• What is important to you about teaching
• How do you help students learn & develop as individuals
• How your personal characteristics & approach to teaching impact the learning & development of students
• Passion for teaching should come through within this philosophy


• Cover Letter
• Résumé
• Statement of Eligibility from Texas Teachers
• Copies of your exam scores or registration receipts
• Transcripts with degree(s) conferred


While not necessary, including some or all of these items will take your portfolio to the next level.

• Strategies for teaching any content area(s) you are targeting
• Sample lesson plans
• Classroom Management Plan: Routines, Procedures, Materials, Discipline Management Plan
• Other related materials. Include any other supporting documentation that is pertinent to the teaching position that you are seeking. For example, a Theater Arts candidate could include pictures/documentation on working with Children’s Theater.



After passing your first content exam and creating your resume and portfolio, it is now time to start applying with schools – even if you have remaining training and Field Based Experience (FBE) requirements.  Schools often offer positions that begin at a later date, allowing time to complete remaining requirements.

We recommend applying for your TEA Intern Certificate and completing your state fingerprinting right away – many districts will verify these steps are complete when screening candidates.

You should apply with as many districts and charter schools as possible, attaching your Texas Teachers Enrollment Letter and Statement of Eligibility (SOE) if available.  Be willing to commute at least one-hour your first year – this won’t always be necessary, but the goal is to get hired and complete your first year of teaching to become even more marketable.

Be sure to regularly check our Teacher Openings page to know which districts have requested candidate lists from Texas Teachers. Search now!

teacher interview

Teacher interviews are not like regular interviews. A principal may give you classroom scenarios and have you respond with discipline management strategies or you could even be asked to create a sample lesson plan.

So, Texas Teachers of Tomorrow has put together a resource library to help you prepare for your interview. Here you will find common questions asked in a teacher interview, do’s, don’ts and helpful tips on making a great impression, and much more. We’ve asked top Human Resources administrators and principals to help us, help you with your teacher interview.

To access this library, click here. You can also learn about what interviewers are looking for, directly from the HR administrator of a leading district in Texas. Watch our ‘How to Get Your First Teaching Job Seminar’ by clicking the video below.



Job fairs provide you with the perfect moment to stand in front of a decision-maker and tell them exactly why you would be a great teacher. The bigger the job fair, the more potential employers you are able to speak with in a single day. Texas Teachers hosts our own job fairs in the middle of the summer when hiring is at its peak to give you the most exposure to many school districts in all 4 major metro areas. Our team regularly updates this comprehensive list of job fairs all across the state so that you can make sure you have every opportunity to get hired!

To view all of the job fairs happening in your area, click below.

District and campus administration constantly notify Texas Teachers about open teaching positions, and we send them lists of our candidates to be contacted.  But we want you to know which districts are looking, so you can proactively apply.  Remember, even if you don’t see a specific opening listed on a school’s online job board, most districts always have a “general teacher application,” “teacher candidate pool,” or something similar listed – you should always submit an application to these so your name is in their screening system!

While there are certainly more openings we haven’t heard of, to see those we know about, click here.


Live and On-Demand Webinars

Texas Teachers of Tomorrow provides everything you need to become a successful Texas certified teacher. All Texas Teachers’ webinars are uniquely crafted and delivered by subject experts. Our goal is to equip you with the information and resources necessary to help you confidently take the next step. Browse through a variety of topics and join us in taking a deep dive! To help you get started, we offer both live and on-demand! Learn about the next steps after you enroll, what to expect during your first year teaching, and explore how to use canvas. 

View All Webinars

In Class Room Teacher Resources  Teachers of Today - Teacher Toolkit

We understand what it takes to be a successful teacher. No two days are the same, and we believe that your teacher resource toolkit should provide you the flexibility to meet the demands of any day. Teachers of Today:  200+ resources that include a mix of countless K-12 resources: quizzes, lesson plans, guides, worksheets, videos on-demand, 1000+ hours extended learning, discount access to professional development, and more.

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Texas Teacher Recommended Test Prep Services

Texas Teachers of Tomorrow provides everything you need to become a successful Texas certified teacher. We provide free test prep materials located in your intern portal to help you pass your content, STR, and your PPR exam. In addition to our test prep materials, we also provide discounts to 3rd party test prep services.


1. The Learning Liaisons (20% off) is offering 20% off all TEXES test prep boot camps for all Texas Teachers of Tomorrow candidates. TLL is known nationally to provide online test prep that helps teachers with Anxiety, frustration, and uncertainty.

Please use the promo code: TEXES20

2. Certify Teacher (20% off) is offering an exclusive 20%-60% discount for Texas Teachers of Tomorrow candidates.

Please use the promo code: TXTEACHERS4728  *

*This promo code can only be applied to Test Prep Solutions and does not apply to study guides or bundled products.

Discount Steps:

1. This promo code will only work if your email address is pre-registered.

2. To pre-register your email address to use the Teachers of Tomorrow’s promo code, simply forward CertifyTeacher a screenshot of your Intern Portal displaying your contact information to

3. They will verify that you are a TOT candidate and activate your discount.

3. EZ TEXES Tutoring Services (20% off)

EZ TEXES is offering an exclusive 20% discount on their 2-week, 4-week, and 8-week products. To claim this discount, you are required to use the chat function on their website or email *

*Please note that you will be required to provide evidence of your admissions to Texas Teachers of Tomorrow. Once verified, they will then send you an invoice to proceed with the purchase!

4. Ed Publishing and Consulting (10% off)

Ed Publishing is offering an exclusive discount of 10% off ANY product with the promo code TEACHERSOFTOMORROW  *

*Please note that the promo code needs to be placed in the “Notes” section of your shopping cart. The 10% will be refunded to your credit card after purchase within 48 hours.

5. REA (20% off)

Research & Education Association is offering an exclusive discount of 20% off ALL test prep books or digital products. Any user who purchases must use promo code RTX67 to receive a discount.

6. 240Tutoring (20% Off Monthly)

240Tutoring is offering an exclusive discount of 20% off their regular monthly subscription price. Any user who subscribes using the link below will pay just $30 per month and have unlimited access to all study guides offered by 240 Tutoring for TExES exams. Once you sign up through the link, you will make the first monthly payment of $30 and have immediate access to all TExES study guides offered by 240 Tutoring. Their preparation includes a benchmark assessment, authentic practice questions (and answers), study materials, flashcards, and a full-length diagnostic assessment. By scoring 90% on the diagnostic assessment, you qualify for the 240Tutoring guarantee – if you fail, you get your money back! Click their logo below to get started.

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