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Effective Preparation for Alabama's Classrooms

Our teacher training preparation offers a research-based curriculum focused on preparing the teachers of tomorrow. Educational leaders provide the foundation of our curriculum, including the work of Dr. Robert Marzano, Dr. Madeline Hunter, Harry Wong, Dr. Benjamin Bloom, Dr. Ruby Payne, and Dr. Eric Jensen. Our curriculum is continually updated to provide the most effective and relevant preparation for teaching in today’s classroom. NEW! CLICK HERE to tour our training coursework.

Our Proven Approach

Our comprehensive teacher training is offered in a full online format so that you can learn at a pace that fits your schedule. The innovative coursework integrates our research-based pedagogy with high-engagement learning.

More than 180 hours of educator training is offered to ensure you learn all the skills and strategies necessary to be a confident and successful teacher.

By the end of the first academic year teaching on the CCTF, you will need to complete the following modules:

  • Foundations of Learning
  • The Teacher, the Learner and the Learning Environment
  • Teaching Strategies That Work

By the end of your second academic year teaching on the CCTF, you should aim to compete the following module:

  • Professionalism and the Field Work

By the end of your third academic year teaching on the CCTF, you should aim to complete the following module:

  • Methods of Teaching Secondary Content

Comprehensive Training in 1-3 Years

The Alabama Teachers approach is designed with you in mind. Our flexible training schedule allows you to complete your teacher training modules at the pace which best meets your needs. You have up to three years to complete your training but may finish in as quickly as one year.


As soon as you are enrolled and begin your training journey, it is possible to access training modules 1-3 (of 4 total). During your first intern year, you may access training module 4, if you have completed the preceding modules. This means you could complete all four modules by the end of your first academic year. Speak with your advisor, as they will serve as a valuable asset helping you determine the ideal pace to assure your successful completion.

Module Overview

To gain an in-depth insight into what you’ll be studying, review this overview of your training modules.
  • Qualities of Effective Teachers (3HR)
  • Adolescent Development and Motivation to Learn (3HR)
  • Techniques of Classroom Management (3HR)
  • Developing a Respectful Learning Environment (3HR)
  • Designing and Assessing Effective Lessons (15HR)
  • Comprehensive Assessment 1: Foundations of Learning
  • Elements of Effective Instruction (6HR)
  • Special Populations in the Classroom (3HR)
  • Meeting the Needs of All Learners (6HR)
  • Differentiating Instruction (3HR)
  • Questioning Strategies and Feedback (3HR)
  • Formal Assessment (3HR)
  • Using Data to Inform Instruction (3HR)
  • Comprehensive Assessment 2: Instructional Strategies
  • Comprehensive Project Module 1: Planning, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Reading for the Secondary Teacher (6HR)
  • Teaching Content Literacy in Grades K-12 (9HR)
  • Digital Tools in Today’s Classroom (3HR)
  • Strategies for Teaching Exceptional Learners (3HR)
  • Accommodating Instruction for All Learners (3HR)
  • Inclusive Education (3HR)
  • Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners (6HR)
  • Comprehensive Assessment 3: Teaching Strategies That Work
  • Comprehensive Project Module 2: Teaching Strategies That Work
  • The Code of Ethics for Professional Educators (6HR)
  • A community of Learners (3HR)
  • Communication and Collaboration (3HR)
  • Comprehensive Assessment 1: The Teacher
  • Case Studies and Fieldwork in Classroom Management (15HR)
  • Independent Study – Integrating Technology (20HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Agriscience Education 6-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Algebra 6-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Biology 6-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Business 6-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Chemistry 6-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Computer Science 6-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages P-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching English Language Arts 4-8 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching English Language Arts 6 – 12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Family and Consumer Sciences Education (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching General Science 4-8 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching General Science 6-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching General Social Science 4- 8 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching General Social Science 6 -12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Geography 6-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Geometry 6-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Health Education 6-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching History 6-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Languages Other than English (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Marketing 6-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Mathematics 4-8(45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Mathematics 6 – 12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Music (Instrumental/Choral) P-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Physical Education P-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Physics 6-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Theatre P-12 (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Secondary English Language Arts (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Secondary Science (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Visual Arts P-12 (45HR)
  • Comprehensive Project Module 4: The Unit Plan (9HR)

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