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Teachers of Tomorrow is the nation’s largest and most trusted certification pathway, with over 60,000+ teachers certified since 2005. We are proud to offer THE • LIST to hiring principals and HR administrators in Alabama to help fill your teacher vacancies.

What is THE • LIST?

Receive customized teacher candidate lists delivered to your district inbox within one business day.

  • Candidates who have undergone extensive training to prepare for the classroom
  • Candidates focused on a wide range of subject areas, across all grade levels
  • 87% principal satisfaction with candidate preparedness for the classroom
  • T H E • L I S T is always free for principals and district HR administrators
  • Our candidates receive professional in-classroom support during their first year
  • Our candidates demonstrate a 70% retention rate after 5 years, well above the national average of only 50%

How to get


District or Campus Administrators: Complete the form below, and within one business day, you will receive your customized teacher candidate list directly to your inbox!



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