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After your initial payment, you receive unlimited access to your purchased training modules, study and job resources, and other important features you need to become eligible for employment. You will need to budget for remaining training modules and other possible expenses that are detailed below.

  • The largest and most professional staff in the industry at your disposal to offer personalized service and support
  • The benefit of our relationships with your local school districts, charter, and private schools
  • A personalized plan to track your progress toward certification
  • Full access to comprehensive online training
  • Documentation, resources, and support you in your job search
  • Excellent in-classroom support from experienced educators
  • Additional Resources

Module Pricing Breakdown

Our flexible pricing allows you the ability to purchase modules when you’re ready. Each purchase grants you lifetime training access.

  • Qualities of Effective Teachers (3HR)
  • Adolescent Development and Motivation to Learn (3HR)
  • Techniques of Classroom Management (3HR)
  • Developing a Respectful Learning Environment (3HR)
  • Designing and Assessing Effective Lessons (15HR)
  • Comprehensive Assessment 1: Foundations of Learning
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  • Elements of Effective Instruction (6HR)
  • Special Populations in the Classroom (3HR)
  • Meeting the Needs of All Learners (6HR)
  • Differentiating Instruction (3HR)
  • Questioning Strategies and Feedback (3HR)
  • Formal Assessment (3HR)
  • Using Data to Inform Instruction (3HR)
  • Comprehensive Assessment 2: Instructional Strategies
  • Comprehensive Project Module 1: Planning, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Reading for the Secondary Teacher (6HR)
  • Teaching Content Literacy in Grades K-12 (9HR)
  • Digital Tools in Today’s Classroom (3HR)
  • Strategies for Teaching Exceptional Learners (3HR)
  • Accommodating Instruction for All Learners (3HR)
  • Inclusive Education (3HR)
  • Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners (6HR)
  • Comprehensive Assessment 3: Teaching Strategies That Work
  • Comprehensive Project Module 2: Teaching Strategies That Work
  • The Code of Ethics for Professional Educators (6HR)
  • A community of Learners (3HR)
  • Communication and Collaboration (3HR)
  • Comprehensive Assessment 1: The Teacher
  • Case Studies and Fieldwork in Classroom Management (15HR)
  • Independent Study – Integrating Technology (20HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Middle School English Language Arts (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Middle School Mathematics (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Middle School Science (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Secondary English Language Arts (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Secondary Mathematics (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching Secondary Science (45HR)
  • Methods of Teaching ESOL (45HR)
  • Comprehensive Project Module 4: The Unit Plan (9HR)

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