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North Carolina Teacher Testing Licensing Exam (NCSBE) Requirements 2022

Everything you need to know about teacher tests in North Carolina


Pearson offers a variety of tests for a general curriculum. There are four tests, the Foundations of Reading, Multi-subjects Subtest, Mathematics subtest, and the General Curriculum Multi-subjects & Math subtests, that can be taken. These tests are taken by those interested in teaching Elementary and Special Education. Learn more about Pearson’s exams to understand the steps that need to be taken to become a teacher in North Carolina.

Pearsons Requirements

Depending on the licensure type that an individual is seeking, they can expect different requirements and tests. The General Curriculum tests test an individual’s proficiency in language arts, history and social science, science and technology/engineering, and mathematics. They specifically test elementary subject matter and are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Praxis II Testing

The Praxis II test, also known as the Praxis Subject Assessment test, focuses on a wide variety of subjects, while the Praxis I test is about the core subjects of reading, writing, and mathematics. There are over 90 individual exams that make up the Praxis II tests, and those taking one of the exams should pick the exam that corresponds to the subject they hope to become certified. Additionally, testing for Praxis II is known to be harder than Praxis I testing, due to it being narrowed down to a specific subject. For our program in North Carolina, it is only required that Praxis II exams be taken for Middle and Secondary subject areas.

Praxis II  Requirements/what you need to take:

In order to pass the Praxis II exam, there are a variety of requirements. The actual passing score for each subject exam varies by the test, as does the length and the format. The time it takes to complete the exams varies from 1 hour to 4 hours, and questions may come in a variety of formats. Depending on the test, selected-response and constructed-response questions may be present. As always, it’s important to set a schedule and make sure that you have ample time to study for the test. Individuals might consider making flashcards and taking practice tests to feel adequately prepared for the exam.


Due to COVID-19 allowances, you are NOT currently required to pass your state licensure exam before getting hired, only for the 2020-2021 academic year. Once enrolled with North Carolina Teachers, you may be approved for a Residency License. To renew the Residency License for the 2021-2022 academic year, you must meet either the 24-hour relevant content or the licensure examination.


Residency License Requirements

Our Program Advisors play an important role in helping you select the licensure area that complements your skills and interests.

Elementary & SPED

To apply for the initial Residency License to teach Elementary Education (K-6), candidates will take the following exams:

  • Pearson Test 090 – Foundations of Reading
  • Pearson Test 103 – Multi-subjects Subtest
  • Pearson Test 203 – Mathematics Subtest
  • Pearson General Curriculum Multi-subjects & Math subtests taken in one test session #701

For Exceptional Children: General Curriculum (K-12), the required exams are the same as above, with the additional Core Knowledge Test – Praxis II (5543).

Middle School & Secondary

To apply for the initial Residency License to teach Middle Grades (6-9), candidates will take the North Carolina Praxis exam for their subject area:

  • Language Arts – 5047
  • Mathematics – 5169
  • Science – 5440
  • Social Studies – 5089

To apply for the initial Residency License to teach Secondary Education (9-12), candidates will take the North Carolina Praxis exam for their subject area:

  • English – 5038 & 5624
  • Mathematics – 5161 & 5624
  • Science – 5435 & 5624
  • Social Studies – 5081 & 5624

Taking the Exams

Note that North Carolina works with two different testing vendors, ETS and Pearson, for the North Carolina licensure exam requirements and the tests are computer based – not paper and pencil. You must use your social security number with all exams in order to process your teacher licensure paperwork. If you test in North Carolina, all scores will automatically be sent to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Be sure to visit the State Tests page of the Resource Center for more information on testing and step by step instructions on how to register.

Test Registration


What is an Educator’s License and How is it Used in North Carolina

An educator’s license is a form of certification that one must meet in order to teach in a specific state. Obtaining an educator’s license typically means that an individual has met a specific standard for teaching students. In North Carolina, all professional employees in the public school system must have an educator’s license for the grade or subject in which they teach.

How to earn a North Carolina teaching license?

In order to earn a North Carolina teaching license, individuals must:

  1. Complete an education preparation program or an alternative educator preparation program like North Carolina Teachers of Tomorrow.
  2. Apply online by uploading a variety of official documents and completing forms.
  3. Pay a non-refundable licensure fee

What tests are required to teach in North Carolina?

The tests that are required to teach in North Carolina are the Praxis II tests and the Pearson test. The Pearson tests are for those who are interested in teaching Elementary and SPED (K-6). If individuals are interested in teaching Middle and Secondary education (6-12) they must participate in the praxis exam specific to the subject area they wish to teach. Find out more about these tests and which you should be taking!

What scores do you need to pass Praxis in North Carolina?

The only praxis exam required in North Carolina is the Praxis II exam. The passing score for the Praxis II in North Carolina varies by subject, as does the format and types of questions that may appear on the test. When looking to take the Praxis II exam for a specific subject, be sure to choose the subject that you are most interested in teaching, as you must pass for the subject that you will teach.

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