Get Licensed From Home

You’ve decided to take the next step towards your dream career of teaching! Congratulations! In order to teach in North Carolina, there are a few requirements you must accomplish. To become licensed in the state of North Carolina, you must complete the Praxis exam for your desired licensure area. The great news is you can take the Praxis exam from home! In this post, we’ve listed all the resources you need to ace your exam.


How to Register

In order to register for your Praxis exam, you need to create an ETS account. On the ETS Praxis page, you can find how to create your account, available testing dates, and a registration link for the Praxis exam you’d like to take. The exam content, format, and on-screen experience are identical to those taken in a testing center. You’ll take the exam on your own computer in your home and be monitored by a human proctor online. These tests are available seven days a week, so you’ll be able to take them on your own time! To see the full list of tests available and to learn more about the home testing procedure, click here!


Study Materials

If you’re planning on taking your Praxis exam, you’re probably also looking for study materials to make sure you’re 100% prepared. We’re here to help you with your search! The ETS Praxis website provides interactive practice exams, as well as other leading professional resources. We’ve also compiled some study resources that may help you, along with some amazing discounts! These amazing test preps include The Learning Liaisons,, and more! To see a full list of the study resources and test prep discounts that we offer, check out our State Tests resource page.


How to Send in Your Scores

When you pass your exams, sending in your scores is simple! Since your scores are not automatically reported to North Carolina Teachers, you’ll have to email us your score report in PDF format. Once we’ve received and processed your report, your intern portal will be updated, usually within one week of the scores being reported. To confirm we have received your scores, look at the ‘Pass Exam’ section on the ‘What’s Next Checklist’ in your Intern Portal. There will be a checkmark by ‘Pass Exam’ if we have received your scores. It’s as easy as that!


Ready to Get Licensed? Let’s Go!

Taking your Praxis Exam and sending in your scores is an easy task that will get you one step closer to getting licensed! North Carolina Teachers is committed to helping you through every step of the way. If you’re looking for more information on how to become licensed in North Carolina, check out our Resources page!