You’re ready to make a difference and change lives for the better – becoming a teacher will do just that. Follow these four clear-cut steps, and you could be teaching in a South Carolina classroom in less than a year.

teacher testingStep 1. Apply

You’re ready to cultivate your dream of becoming a teacher. Let get started. To begin, simply apply. To be eligible, you only need a four-year bachelor’s degree in any subject and a 2.5 GPA. Step one – complete!

Consider the submission of your application planting the seed of your dream. Now, stand back and watch it grow. It’ll take special care, but we have everything you need to tend to your budding aspiration. After applying and submitting your official transcripts, one of our experienced Program Advisors will help you develop your personalized path to successfully earn your South Carolina Professional Certificate. Continue to follow these steps, and you’ll soon flourish into a fully certified teacher.

online teacher trainingStep 2. Test & Train

Next, a bit of dedication and preparation are required. Step two will help nourish your dream and promote personal growth. You’ll be testing and training to set yourself up for success in the classroom.

The first exam you’ll study for is the Praxis II Subject Area exam in the corresponding subject area you’re eligible to teach. To be eligible, you’ll need to at least 21 credit hours – Consult with your Program Advisor to help you choose the subject area which best compliments your natural abilities. To prepare for the exam, avail of this list of study resources.

Your Classroom Readiness training is next. With over 176 hours of online training, your inner teacher is sure to bud. Created by leading educators, our self-paced, online modules provide you with everything you need to learn to thrive in the classroom. Preview what you’ll be studying by taking a virtual tour of your coursework. Gradually, you’ll develop the skills needed to start teaching.

start teaching in south carolinaStep 3. Teach

Your invested time and energy have paid off! With at least 90 clock hours of your Classroom Readiness training completed, you’re now ready to teach in the classroom after collecting your Statement of Eligibility. Once hired as a full-time teacher, you’ll be issued an Alternative Route Certificate – let’s get teaching!

Strengthen the skills you’ve acquired through your online training by putting them into practice in the classroom. As a full- or part-time teacher, you’ll earn full salary and benefits during your first year. You’ll also be assigned a Field Supervisor who is dedicated to helping you overcome any obstacles, along with an on-site mentor. You can count on them to offer support and answer any lingering questions.

Finish grounding any loose roots by completing your final requirements. After you complete your Excellence in Teaching and Learning training, along with your field experience projects and any remaining required exams, there’s nothing holding you back.

certified teacher SCStep 4. Earn Your License!

You’ve mastered your first year of teaching and are in the midst of a full bloom.

Pending recommendation from your Principal, it’s time to replant yourself for the next teaching phase. You will continue to teach for an additional two academic years – you’ve got this. Before starting your final two years, Teachers of Tomorrow will confirm your good standing status, allowing you to renew your Alternative Route Certificate. With this, you can confidently head into your final year of teaching. Once you satisfy the South Carolina’s Department of Education’s required three years of teaching, it’s time to trade your Alternative Route Certificate for a full Professional License.

Whew! Take a breath. You’ve undergone an amazing transformation. From a seedling of a dream to real-life teacher, you have arrived. Welcome.

Becoming a teacher is a journey that begins from within. Are you ready to watch yourself grow? 

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