Our Charity Initiatives

The mission of the Texas Teachers Charity Initiative involves supporting Texas school children in many ways.

  • Provide basic every day essentials that students need for learning.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to students.
  • Help students address and manage challenging and adverse situations.
  • Use sports to help students grow and learn teamwork and hard work.
  • Help students with physical and/or learning disabilities.
  • Help targeted individual students overcome a serious situation in their lives.
  • Help students excel academically.
  • Help to ensure that students stay in school and graduate.
  • Help students prepare for vocational or higher education opportunities.

Projects Supported by Our Charity Initiative

On occasion, some unique projects may be directed to children outside of Texas or the United States. If you have a charitable project to propose to the Texas Teachers Charity Initiative for supporting Texas kids, let us know.
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